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Fun Winter Activities To Do In Albania [Jun 2024]

Safe city things as well as thrilling outdoor adventures

Dardhe, Korce by Katerina Deli
Dardhe, Korce by Katerina Deli

The time to wear your favourite winter coat has come.

You just need to choose the right background to take a picture with. Then, it will all make sense. The winter, the snow, the cold. This blog is dedicated to the adventure hearted ones out there, who can’t wait to experience winter, and to those introvert souls who find peace in those easy relaxing nights.

Our country welcomes all of you, so here are a few things to do in winter in Albania!

winter lake

Get festive at a Christmas market

All around Albania, the tradition of a Christmas market is becoming a real thing during the last years.  As Tirana puts the most attention at this kind of December attraction, other cities are also making an effort on providing the right Christmas vibes for their citizens and visitors. Shkodra, Berat, Gjirokastra, Vlora and of course Korça are the places to be during this winter, to enjoy the beauty of lights, shops and bars, the mulled wine with cinnamon, the chestnusts on the side and the warm blanket for the best comfort.

Hike through the snow in Valbona and Lepushe

Granit Temaj is one of the best when it comes to choosing the right destination to hike. His landscape pictures? Breathtaking! If you still haven’t been to Valbona or Lepushe during winter, when it’s all covered in white, you haven’t lived completely. Choose a trusted guide and go explore the wonders of the north!


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Enjoy a delicious breakfast with “byrek or petulla” anywhere in Albania

You can always have a croissant or pancake for breakfast in Albania, but it won’t be Albanian. You must start the day in the right way, tasting a warm piece of “byrek” or a couple of “petullas”. You can find them all around the country, but make sure to choose a traditional food restaurant for the best quality.


Ride the Dajti Express

A ride for a good view. This 1-kilometer-long ride is the longest cable car ride in the Balkans. You will ascent more than 800 meters from the Tirana city center to Mount Dajti, a trip that takes about 15 minutes.


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Go skiing and sledding in Dardhe, Korçe

Albania doesn’t have a decent ski resort yet, but surely has a few good places to ski and enjoy the most entertaining winter sport. Dardhe is one of them. And if you don’t have experience on this sport, sledding is always there to make you have the best of this winter.


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Walk in the frozen “Liqeni i Lepurit”

Lakes can’t be an option only on summer. “Liqeni i Lepurit” near the village of Shengjergj, Tirana is a good proof of it. It’s pretty and green for the rest of the year but it can get all white and frozen on the coldest winter days. Walking and sledding on it might be exciting as well as dangerous, so make sure to be with the right people in case you want to experience a moment on it.


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Swim in the warm waters of Benja thermal baths

Nothing like a winter outdoor swim. If that’s what you are looking for, the village of Benja in Permet is your destination. The thermal baths are welcoming visitor on autumn and winter, when the beaches become too cold and windy. Not only does it relax and soothe joint and muscle ailments, this water also encourages the body to purify itself of toxins by sweating them out through the skin.


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Hike “Maja e Qorres” through the snow

Altin Serani will leave you with no doubt if you are having a thought of hiking at Maja e Qorres in Llogara. There are a few good pictures and videos of this destination, but this one is the best of them all, for the wonderful view. It first leaves you speechless and then makes you plan a trip. You have to live this yourself.


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Take a ride at the ferris wheel at Skanderbeg Square

Tirana at night is another story. A ride at the ferris wheel at the city centre is what you need if you are planning to spend an evening around the city. You can also find the same activity in Korça and in Vlora and take some beautiful pictures while enjoying the view from above.

Ferris Wheel Tirana ©Albania360
Ferris Wheel Tirana ©Albania360

Watch a movie by the fireplace of your hotel room

This is the perfect winter image in my mind. Netflix and chill will never be the same once you have been treating yourself in a nice hotel room with that modern or vintage fireplace beside your tv or laptop screen. A perfect choice would be Vecchia Boutique Hotel in Korça, that will transform your winter days into magical ones.

Vecchia Boutique Hotel Korce
Vecchia Boutique Hotel Korce

Drink “Raki and Love” at Komiteti

A drink to warm your soul whatever weather, helpful on summer and necessary on winter. This unique vintage bar will take you back to the Albanian communist era with its furniture and design. You can find the bar in Tirana, Korça, Vlora and Gjirokastra.


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