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Meet Granit Temaj, the sherpa of the Albanian mountains

An enthusiastic and energetic outdoor freak ready to share his traveling tricks through the Albanian mountains

Granit Temaj

Many know him as the Alpventurer, and many would pay well to get his professional advises before starting an adventure through the Albanian mountains.  I know him as an inspiring explorer and photographer who intrigued me so many times to get my backpack and go wonder. His photographs are appealing to every wild heart that longs to walk the roads and to climb the highest peaks all over the world. The Albanian mountains are difficult to conquer but he has conquered them all.

He is not just a traveller, not just a photographer, not just an expert. He is the sherpa of the mountains and we are honoured to start the explorers interview series with Granit Temaj!

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1. How many photos are on your cell phone at the moment?

About 10, all others in the Cloud!


  2. If I do not have a professional camera, what is the best type of phone I should use for good shooting?

As a fan of Android, and of “sharp” and unfiltered photos, I would prefer 2 phones, Sony or Google Pixel (which I have myself)


3. What is the strangest place you have ever spent the night?

Surrounded on all four sides by mountains, in a lake at an altitude of 2’200 meters, where there was not the slightest noise from either insects or birds.

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4. What is your favorite quote from an Albanian writer?

People who do not find enough interest in themselves deal with the affairs of the world. Mit’hat Frashëri


5. What are the 3 mountains with the most magical landscapes you have seen so far in Albania?

View of the Carnation massif, from the top of Vajusha

View of the Valbona Valley from the top of Kollata and Rosi

View on the path of colors, at the top of Kalabak


6. What is the most challenging thing you have ever done on a trip?

Heavy walking, with camping equipment, on a mountain with a lot of snow.

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7. Which of these forms of movement do you prefer when traveling:

  • 1. Car
  • 2. Bicycle
  • 3. On foot

Definitely on foot


8. Which family member calls you most often when you are traveling?

I have a “ritual” that at the beginning and at the end of each trip I write to my mother.


9. Albanian food that you will never eat in your life?

Beef intestines or lamb intestines, as I know it is a traditional food in central Albania.


10. Your favorite Albanian musician to listen to during the trip?

Gjurmet, Jericho, Minatori.

Albanian mountains, Granit Temaj, travel expert, photographer, explorer , alpventurer
Gjiri I Grames

11. Have you missed the birthday of an important person in your life because of your travels?

Usually I make sure to organize a nice trip for their birthday! 🙂


12. In which specific place is it worth celebrating your next birthday?

I would love to be in a mountain in the south of Albania.


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13. What is the sport you like to do most here?

Swimming, Trail Running and mountain climbing.


14. What were 2 mistakes you often made when you started your adventures? And, did you fix them?

Packing unnecessary things

Excessive self-confidence, which leads to unnecessary risks.

Definitely, I think experience is the main source of knowledge.


15. Meat or fish? Better near the sea or near the mountain?

I’m a meat lover and even more a mountain lover!

Albanian mountains, travel expert, Granit Temaj

16. How much would you ask Leonardo Di Caprio to become his personal guide in Albania in 1 week?

Every day a photo from Albania. I guess this would be more valuable.


17. Where in Albania will you send me from the New Year postcard? 

From my favorite place, the magical Valbona.


If you want to know more about Granit, check his blog The Alpventurer, or follow him in instagram to get inspired by his amazing photography!



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