Dardhe, Korce
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Things to do in Dardha

Whatever weather, winter or summer, there is always something to enjoy

This famous village, due to its beautiful panoramic views all throughout the year, is one of the main destinations to visit, if you are planning a trip to the southeastern city of Korca. Whatever weather, winter or summer, there is always something to enjoy.
Skiing or hiking, whatever your call is, you can definitely do it in Dardha.

Visit the churches of Dardha


Dardha got its name from the fruit (pear) and was created around the 1600s. In 1768 the first school was opened, starting its civilization. It reached its peak of development in the years 1913-1936 when there were about 500 houses. Since 1800, Pear has been mentioned for making wood and beautiful costumes. The village is known for its ax as “Pear Ax”. Dardha had three churches like that of St. Thanas, St. George, and St. Peter.

Explore natural paths


Dardha is a mountainous village located in a pit between the hills of St. Peter, the autumn rock, and several other hills. This tourist attraction offers an ideal climate, clean air rich in oxygen which makes it a favorite all year round. Heavy snowfall and natural slopes are very suitable for the development of winter sports, especially skiing.


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Walk in the village

Dardha is built with mistic ground floor houses covered with gray tiles. Next to them, there are new buildings and contemporary hotels. Another feature is the cobbled streets. A museum has been set up and is functioning in Dardhe, which exhibits the history and heritage of the village.

Do not forget to visit ‘Stinky Water’

Dardha’s water has been used since ancient times for its curative values and suffices it to mention here what is known as Stinky Water. This source is so named because of its heavy aroma and taste due to its high sulfur content. Stinky water and other sources are known for their curative properties against anemia, stomach, liver, kidney, and many more.

Do not leave without enjoying the traditional organic food of the area and plum moonshine

Dardh is known for canning foods such as pickles and pastries as a local specialty. The village is also very famous for its famous sauerkraut roasted in saç and twice-boiled wild plum moonshine, which has a very special taste. In Dardha the food is organic, fresh and produced by the locals themselves.

Skiing in the winter season

Snowfalls and natural slopes are quite suitable for the development of winter sports, especially skiing. If you are not taking the equipment with you, you can find them near the ski center.

Climbing the mountain


Hiking after enjoying everything Dardha has to offer. Fresh air and amazing views.