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Meet Altin Serani, the modern pirate of the Ionian Sea [Jun 2024]

From his drone videos to his ideal romantic dinner

Altin Serani interview

He is the modern kind of a pirate!

He is a full time IT specialist but spends all summer working and sailing through Ionian Sea on one of the sailing boats full of young adventurous tourists. Summer vibes, right? Music on the sea, sea and shots, shots and sun, sun and swimming in the deep ends of our blue coasts. The Albanian summer 2021 taste.. Where can I sign? I’d work for free and be his colleague for the rest of the summer.

Altin is continuously traveling around Albania all year though. His “never missing friend”, his drone, is everywhere with him. You can now see beautiful photos and videos on his Instagram page taken with his drone and inspiring us all to go wander like him too.

Meet Altin Serani, the modern pirate of the Ionian Sea.


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1. Your beard gets longer in every photograph. Since when do you have it growing and for how much would you be willing to have it shaved?
Almost 2 years. I don’t know, how much are you willing to pay? : P

2. Which is the highest peak you have climbed so far?
Gramoz Mountain about 2500 m

3. Who is the Albanian historical figure you would like to meet in person?
Gjergj Kastriot Skangerbeg (our national hero)

Altin Serani

4. Which Albanian food would you eat every day and never get bored?
Pilaf with Beans

5. What rules or laws have you broken so far while traveling?
Almost all (especially those related to travel safety)

6. What would you order at a romantic but typical Albanian dinner?
Wine, lots of wine. The order would depend on the person I would be with, because in such cases it is thought of 2 … Romantic dinner for me would be a picnic by the sea in a place without people or on a sailing boat

Altin Serani Maja e Cikes

7. I have seen your great videos on Instagram – can you share a tip or a trick with our readers?
Practice! Only the first 100 videos turn out ugly, after that you will make good ones.

8. What is the title of your next biography?
I have not thought about it yet.

9. Your favorite and least favorite Albanian drink?
Favorite drinks: wine and beer, less favorite.. I do not have one yet.

Altin Serani

10. What is the kind of music you listen to while traveling? Can you mention a song?
It depends on the mood and the trip but it is mostly Rock.  Suggestion: Queen – Don t stop me now! Sometimes I even hear the cartoon songs I grew up with, in Italian, like Dragon Ball theme

11. The strangest Albanian superstition in your opinion?
Don’t take a shower on Tuesday, because it brings bad luck.

12. Worst mistake travelers make?
Environmental pollution

altin serani explorer albania

13. The best place in Albania to spend childhood?
Certainly not Çolja, the neighborhood where I grew up in Vlora
But I still have to say Vlora… I have many beautiful memories by the sea

14. Which Albanian city has the friendliest or most welcoming people?
Mmm this is a difficult one … Probably Permet

15. How far and for how long can you travel alone without getting bored?
It depends on the destination and the route but I am used to traveling alone

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16. A super place in Albania where you have not been yet?

I haven’t been to Mount Korab and Mount Jezerca yet.

17. If you could be teletransported to a place now, where would it be and why?
I’d go to Alaska or to Iceland to see the Aurora Borealis

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If you want to know more about Altin Serani, check his Instagram profile HERE and follow his adventures!