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Hiking or cycling, both ways take you to the gem of Tirana highlands, Shengjergj

Best way to Liqeni i Lepurit

Photo: @travelwithkejsi

We have only one day available and we have to stay close to Tirana. We want to enjoy natural landscapes and have a picnic. Where to go?

If you have already visited Dajti mountain and are looking for something new, consider Shen Gjergj. Just 1 hour from Tirana, in the middle of a landscape that turns green in spring  and with the most beautiful colors in autumn, one of the beauties of the Tirana Highlands.

We’re driving our personal car, as the terrain is suitable, and it allows us to stop whenever we want to enjoy the view along the way. After walking about 22 km from Tirana, on the left side of the road to Shërgjergj, is the Shëngjergj Waterfall, a miracle from the point of view of the landscape, but also the opportunity for a little freshness and why not to dive into the water that slides abruptly on slope.

We have to walk a little to reach the waterfall. Some of us have heavy bags in our backpacks, with food and equipment to prepare a delicious meal below the trees. Snacks are never enough when you are hiking.


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We arrive at the Waterfall and no matter how beautiful the view is, the noise of the water is loud so we leave a little further for a quieter place where we can relax and talk quietly. We see a lot of people around us who have arrived before us, and we realize that we will have to be patient to see the waterfall, to enjoy it in our tranquility and to take some pictures.

The waterfall is located near the village and has a height of 30 meters. It is supplied with water from Mali me Gropa and feeds water to the stream, whose water is also used for irrigation.There are some traditional dishes that we want to try in Saint George: like goat meat, pilaf with crushed wheat, typical Tirana frying pan, and BIO dairy.


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Meanwhile, we want to go a little further for another natural beauty: Liqeni i Lepurit, (Rabbit Lake) which is only 30 minutes away. We choose to hike to reach it, but there’s a suitable terrain for cyclist too. At the end, the scenery is the same for all. There it is the gem, surrounded by pines, mountains and hills and it amazes with its pure and green color.


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It’s a great place to spend all day, and even camp too, if you are really into it. The night sky will confirm your decision. However, if you looking for more comfort, there are a few guesthouses in the village where you can have not only the best sleep, but also enjoy the local gastronomy.

Whatever you choose to do in Shen Gjergj, it will be a memorable day and I’m sure you will come back to visit it soon. It might be something in its air, in its landscapes, in its water or in its food, but this place it’s going to be one of the most visited villages around Tirana very soon, and it will be totally worth it!


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