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Why everyone is going to Maja e Qorres this winter

Where is it and how to get there

Maja e Qorres, Llogara

Now that the mountain peaks in Albania are covered in snow, all winter adventurers are wondering where to go first. While trying to decide on their dilemma between the north (Valbona, Vermosh) or southeast (Korca), there are others who have already prepared the right equipment, off-roaders, snow chains, thermal clothes, snow shoes and a lot of courage and have started their trip towards one of the most beautiful peaks: Maja e Qorres (Qorre Peak).


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But what is so special about this destination?


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Maja e Qorres is known mainly to hikers during the warm days of spring when the sun warms your back as you climb the mountain and walk through the narrow paths and bushes, and when you just have to turn your head slightly to see the incomparable majesty of the Ionian Sea, which stretches far away to the horizon. Apparently, climbing this peak, is one of the best adventures at the moment, so with a little information, you can be the next traveler:


Maja e Qorres is a high mountain peak located in southern Albania, the mountain has an altitude of 2018 meters and is the second highest peak of the Ceraunian Mountains, after Çika peak.

What makes this mountain very special, is the fact that it is located near the Ionian Sea and the views of from the Maja e Qorres Mountain of this sea are stunning. At the highest point of this mountain, you will be rewarded with a superb view: wild mountains and heaven shorelines extending along the Ionian coast.

How to get there

The starting point of this trail is in Llogara Pass, which is located in Llogara National Park, near city of Vlora and around 200 km from the capital Tirana.

If you want to go early in the mountain, I would suggest to sleep in one of the 4-5 hotels of Llogara National Park, and then early in the morning to go to the Llogara Pass (starting point of the trail) which is in front of a bar called “Panorama”. From there you will start ascending to the peak.


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About the hike to Maja e Qorres

The first kilometer of the trail is through a dense forest until you reach the ridge. Then, you will follow the ridge which leads you to another forest. You continue ascending in the right side until you will reach the Qorre Pass, which has an altitude around 1850 m/alt. From there you can enjoy the magical view of the Çika peak and the Ionian S ea. After ascending to the Qorre Pass, you need to climb the last hill which is less than 200 m ascend in 500 m hike. When you reach the peak, the views are stunning. I am sure that you will really like them!

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