They have called it the land of eagles, the home of the hero and warrior Skanderbeg and the origin of Mother Teresa.

It is the country where the lands of the ancient Illyrians lie, where the Adriatic and Ionian seas bring the waves of the Mediterranean and create the most beautiful beaches, where locals are known for their special hospitality, where the first word you will learn is the Albanian “Besa”, where you will enjoy the fields, mountains, and beaches, where the civilization of 2000 years ago merges with the modern structures of the metropolis, where there is always celebration and music and where you will always feel like in your second home.

Are you curious to learn more about this unique country, this gem of Europe that has not yet been discovered by crowds of tourists? Do you want to get to know a place that will amaze you with its old history, with the colors of the culture, preserved with fanaticism and with the rare nature in the green Alps and on the blue beaches? Want to learn about the emperors and kings who ruled this country? What about wars, castles and heroes?

Want to get to know the popular music that is kept alive in every corner of the country? I promise it will become your favorite. Do you want to enjoy traditional food cooked by Albanian housewives in a typical way, with biological ingredients and even more love? Want to relax endlessly on the shores of the Ionian Sea and get lost in its blueness, paying very little money? Want a winter adventure among the mountains whitewashed by the January snow and warm up in the warm chimney hostels?

If your answer is YES, then Welcome to ALBANIA!

This is the magical place you were looking for to spend your vacation. One weekend is not enough, I warn you. It will take days, weeks, months to explore this place with so many treasures. And if you decide to stay even longer, do not blame us. I just consider myself lucky to be enjoying a place where there is sun all year round, where summer is long and the holidays even longer.