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10 best beaches near Durres to enjoy this summer [Jun 2024]

Public and private beaches, suntan and nightlife

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Durres is one of the best areas to enjoy your holidays and it offer a variety of beaches and places to have fun, to swimm, to relax and eat the best seafood. We chose these 10 destinations near Durres, of you are looking for the best beaches around.


Lalzi Bay Beach is located about 30 km north of Durres and 25 kilometers from the capital of Tirana and during the last years it has been the number 1 summer destination among the other beaches of Durres. Due to the infrastructure, investments, many hotels, bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities, this beach can be considered without fear as one of the beaches with the highest standards of the entire Adriatic coast in Albania. The beach that stretches from St. Peter towards Hamalla and Rrushkull offers a fantastic sea and golden sand, with a landscape where the belt of trees nicely hides all other constructions, which makes this place suitable for those who want to relax by the sea.

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Kallm Beach is located 3-4 km from the city of Durres and can be considered as the last beach that has not been spotted like other areas. It is located to the west of the Durrës mountain and to go there must follow the road of Currilave. In the middle of a hilly terrain, there is the only rocky beach in Durres, that of Kallm. The crystal water of the sea, the green hills, in this part of the coastal city are together like in no other place. You will find bars and restaurants by the beach and you will enjoy a peaceful day as the beach bars won’t disturb you with high volume music.

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Cape of Rodon is only a one and a half hour drive from Tirana, or just over one hour from Durres. The road is in pretty good condition. You will go through some beautiful villages and be blessed with some lovely views along the way. You have to walk for around 500 meters to reach Rodoni Castle and the cape. The walk is easy enough, and it’s a great activity for anyone wondering what to do in Durres. Along the way, you will also see bunkers built into the hill from the time of communism. They are slowly being taken over by nature and you might not even notice them! Besides the beach, you can visit the castle of Skanderbeg and St Anthony Church.

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Golem Beach is another good choice when thinking about resting in Durres. It is easy to reach with your vehicle and you can park directly in front of the beach, beside the road, mostly under some pine trees. It is several kilometres long and on the widest part around 100 metres wide. The water entry is very nice and the point of swim is at around 30 metres. Because this place is very popular among the tourists, you have a lot of beach services available on the beach. Here you have also plenty of beach bars, restaurants and similar. Accommodation Is available in all kind of forms, mainly as hotels, and even as resorts.

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Currila Beach is located in the region Durrës and it is very easy to reach with any kind of vehicle. You can either park by the road or on the private parking place from the hotel. The beach surface is sand, but you also have other types mixed within, like pebbles, and you even have some concrete parts. Altogether the beach is 500 metres long up to 25 metres wide. The water entry changes along the stretch of the beach and on some points you can start swimming after 5 metres or you can either jump from the pier. You have many beach infrastructure here and lots of beach services, the same goes also for the different types of restaurants and beach bars. There is also a partyplace located in the vicinity of the beach. If you are searching for accommodation you have a hotel directly on the beach and some apartments in the vicinity.

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Hamallaj Beach is known for its beautiful sandy coastline on the Adriatic Sea. It is a very long sandy beach mainly suitable for families. The road to the beach is in a good condition and you can park your vehicle directly in front of the beach just next to the beach bars and restaurants. The beach itself is several kilometres long and up to 75 meters wide, you really have lots of space here. The inclination of the beach is very moderate, quite normal, so is the water entry, and you can start swimming between 30 and 40 meters’ distance from the shoreline. You have some beach services available directly on the beach, where you can also rent some beach equipment, like parasols and sunbeds. Beach bars and restaurants are available as well on the beach. The same goes for accommodation, where you have a new apartment complex located directly on the beach and a campsite nearby.

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Gjenerali Beach is the most beautiful and attractive part of the entire Kavaja Riviera consisting of 30 km of coastline, which makes you fall in love with it from the moment it suddenly appears on the horizon, just after you have crossed the hills of Kryevidhi. The rocky capes that surround it are conglomeratic and have filled the coast with small colorful objects that form an amazing mosaic that harmonizes with the blue of the water, the green of the bushes and the yellow of the beach sand. The aquatic world is rich with fish of different types and a special species of sea turtle which has chosen this small beach to breed its species.


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Spille Beach is very organised and is a popular touristic spot suitable for families. It is very easy to reach it with your vehicle and you can park directly in front of the beach, next to the beach bars. The whole parking area is very large and can hold many hundred cars. You have a lot of beach infrastructure and beach services available here. The whole beach is several kilometres long and can be on some places up to 75 m wide. You really have a lot of space here to find your spot. The water entry is very nice and swimming starts at around 50 metres, which makes this place ideal for small children to play in the water safely. You can rent here a sunbed and an umbrella, which can be done by the restaurants or beach bars who are located along the whole stretch of the beach. Accommodation is also in the vicinity, mainly in the form of hotels, some apartments are also available.

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Karpen Beach is located near Golem. What it makes it so special is the view you will have when walking on a wooden pier to a small island, not far away from the shoreline. The place is easy to reach with a vehicle, also a motorhome, especially because of the camp which is located directly on the beach. You can park beside the road or in the camp. The beach main surface is sand. Many trees are here available to protect you from the sun. The beach, like the water, are very flat, which makes it ideal for small children. All together the beach is around 750 metres long and up to 40 m wide, and is separated in many beach sectors. The point of swim is very far away, probably more than 100 meters. You have many beach services available here, the same goes for beach bars and restaurants. If you like this beach characteristics and you would like to spent your vacation here, a campsite, apartments and a hotel are at your disposal just next to the beach.


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Robi’s Mountain Beach , Qerret is an extension of the Beach of Golem and is well-known for its modern resorts and numerous holiday homes, whose price ranges is fairly reasonable. Numerous pines grant a rather intimate vibe to the area and the serve to keep it cool even during the hottest days.