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The best ways to get around in Albania at any time of year

From buses to motorbikes

Before starting your journey in Albania, it might help to plan the way of movement within the cities, between the cities or even from the north to the south of the country. Keep in mind that there is no train network in Albania, hoping that one day it will change and facilitate the movement of locals and tourists. There are also no domestic flights. Currently, the only functional airport is the one in Rinas, near Tirana, Mother Teresa Airport (TIA).

So, how can you move within Albania?

These are your choises:

Bus travel in Albania

Buses are the country’s primary mode of transport, with routes connecting most towns and cities. It is easy to locate them because there are bus terminals in each main city, easily accesible. For most of the destinations there are several buses departing from Tirana each day. The cost from Tirana to any other city by bus, is around 300 to 1000 ALL. Find all the information here!

Within Tirana, a bus ticket cost 40 ALL and the schedule of public transport is 06:00 – 23:00 every day (regardless of holidays or days of the week). The total number of stations is 451 and the waiting time can vary from 3 to 13 minutes according to bus lines and timetable (peak timetable or normal timetable). The most common line is Line 15 Kinostudio Combines and the least frequent lines are those that go to rural administrative units. Urban public transport is used by an average of about 200,000 people per day where the majority, about 64.7%, travel by ticket and a smaller part use subscriptions, booklets, etc.

If you need to travel out of Albania, to Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria ecc you can bus your seat here:

Renting a car or motorbike

If you’re on a long trip to Albania, but on a low budget, the costs of hiring a car can be out of budget, starting from 30 euros a day for the small cars, 50-60 euros for bigger ones. Find your car here:,

While if you are a more adventurous one and want to rent a bike, the price starts from around 100 euros, depending on the motor type. You can find your bike here:

Get a Taxi

If you want to feel more comfortable, we invite you to call a taxi. If you are moving within Tirana, a taxi will cost you minimum 300 ALL, for 1.5 km. If you want to get to the airport the taxi costs from 1200 ALL to 1500 ALL. The best options to choose are: ;; If you will be staying in another city, the taxi costs always less within the city.

If you will need to move with a taxi from Tirana to another city, it will costs from 1000 ALL to 10000 ALL depending on the destination.

Take a tour with Drive Albania

If you are not feeling confident to travel alone and you need a guide, the best choice is to book a tour. We suggest you Drive Albania for group tours, self drive and private guides. They offer sample itineraries in their websites, which can be easily adapted to suit your interests.

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