Albania so far has only one airport, Mother Teresa International Airport (TIA) and if you want to fly to it, you have to find flights from these international airports: Istanbul, Turkey (IST, SAW), Athens, Greece (ATH), Rome , Italy (FIU), Milan, Italy (MXP, BGY, LIN), Vienna, Austria (VIE), Frankfurt, Germany (FRA, MUC), Hamburg, Germany (HAM), London, England (LGW, LHR), Amsterdam , The Netherlands (AMS), Paris, France (CDG).

Even if your starting point is North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or somewhere in Europe, the most cost-effective way to Albania is to fly through these airports. In the next years there will be other direct flights with other capitals in Europe, which might cost less and be a faster way to get there, so have a careful look with all the flight platforms for the fastest, most comfortable and most economical solution.

If you are in Italy, Greece, Croatia, you can easily travel in your personal car or you can find many options for a bus trip to Albania.

Trips are made every day and the main customs points in Albania are: Kakavia, Kapshtica, (Greece) Qafe Thane, Tushemisht (Macedonia), Muriqan, Vermosh, Hani i Hotit (Montenegro), Morine, Qafe Morine (Kosovo)

Also, if you want to sail, Albania has several cruise ports through which you can enter the country, such as the Port of Durres (for ferries and cruises), the Port of Vlora and the Port of Saranda (yachts, cruises). You can also find cruises to the port of Himara (from Corfu, Greece) and Shengjin (from Bari, Italy)