A place where you can enjoy the sun in any season.

You can enjoy the whiteness of the snow during the winter months in the Northern Alps and in all the mountains across the country, but also in small and beautiful cities like Korca, Pogradec ..

You can enjoy a fresh and green spring while enjoying lakes in the north and south and is also the perfect place for the hottest summer holidays from May to the end of September. Keep umbrellas with you in the fall because November is the rainy month. In all its forms, Albania shows that it has a new face every day and never gets boring.

Albania has a mild Mediterranean climate. Many visitors find that the weather in the lowlands is never cold. The Ionian Coast in particular is very mild, with an average winter temperature of 8-10 ° C (46-50F). In Tirana and other low-lying cities, temperatures sometimes drop below zero, but this usually happens at night and rarely freezes or snows for more than a day. If you have the luxury of choice, the best time of year to visit the country, are Spring and Autumn.

In autumn the orchards take on bright and cool colors, similar to grapefruit, while in spring the blossoms of apple and cherry blossoms fill the streets with their colors. The long spring nights are a good time to enjoy the promenades and cafes along the boulevard, which are quite impressive across the country. And while September and October still hold warm weather, it’s worth swimming on the south coast.

Enjoy every month of the year in Albania, close to nature and its beauties and as they say, you will live longer..