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First place to visit on March & April – Thermal baths of Benje, Permet [Jun 2024]

Learn more about Lengarica Canyon and Katiu Bridge

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The gentle, friendly and hospitable nature of the inhabitants of Permet has remained the same as before. In addition to the sweetand warm welcoming, the good food of the area, the typical sweets, jams and liqueurs, the winter in Permet is also warm if you visit the thermal baths and if you bathe in the warm and curingwaters. For those of you missed that it so far, March and April are still a good time to visit the city of Permet and the village of Benje, to enjoy the thermal baths, to walk on the Katiu Bridge and to explore the Lengarica canyons.
If it sounds interesting for you, this is the blog you should read before visiting Benje, Permet!


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Lengarica Canyon

The canyon is located about 200 meters away from the thermal springs on both sides of Lengarica. The flow of the river makes on both shores there is a rich and diverse vegetation where inhabited by a host of birds and wild animals, rare for the area. The canyon is famous not only for its natural values but also for its archeological ones. Research in recent years has concluded that there were prehistoric dwellings in the canyon caves.


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Thermal Baths

There are several such sources which have different chloride-sodium-calcium content, with average water temperatures 24 ° -28 ° C and a flow of 8-40l / sec. You can visit these baths in any season of the year, especially in winter, when any other destination invites you to come inside for a hot tea, Permet is heated by the steam of healing waters.Can you really heal in these waters?Each source has different therapeutic properties for the treatment of various diseases: skin, stomach, kidney, rheumatism, etc. The springs of thermal waters are natural and with different inflows, they are poured into small bathtubs inside which it is possible to collect thermal mud, suitable for skin treatments.

There are several thermal water destinations in Albania and Permet is on the top list in recent years when more care is being taken for these springs, and due to the creation of suitable bathtubs.

Katiu Bridge

Such a beautiful bridge over the Lengarica River is the crown of the thermal baths. It stands proud for centuries and reminds us how old the time is. A few kilometers above its outflow in Vjosa, exactly in the baths of Bënjë is the Katiu bridge, a bridge of interest and relatively well preserved. Built on rocky shores it is of interest in terms of architectural composition and constructive solution. In the center of the bridge composition is the main arch in the form of a circular segment with a light space of 15.5 m and a height of 6 m above the water level. Including the coffin, the arch vault is 1 m thick and is made of slab limestone. At the bottom of the bridge at the front of the arch are still preserved two metal hooks for fastening the front stones. The cobblestone of the bridge, with a length of 2.65 m is built of slab stones placed peg. On both sides of the joint rise 5 cm, on the cobblestones two transverse rows of river stones, which facilitate climbing on the ridge of the bridge.The type of Katiu bridge, a bridge with a ridge, with a horizontal accent, with a main circuit and a smaller one on its side, is a very popular type in Albania in the 18th century.


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