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Top 10 Destinations for Winter Holidays in Albania

Get out there and embrace winter!

Are you a winter person?

Do you also get excited when the snow covers the cities, the villages, the roofs?

There is something very special about this season, especially when you are willing to travel , discover a new destination and make the best out of it. So get out there and embrace winter! It is coming and it doesn’t scare us at all! Winter brings about the magic of Christmas, the adrenaline of skiing, and the romance of sleigh rides under the starry cold skies. 

You can get this and more, visiting these Top 10 destinations for winter holidays in Albania:

1. Voskopoja

Voskopoja is located about 13 miles (21 km) from Korca. It’s a mountainous village about 3800 ft (1160 m) above sea level. It blows a fresh wind even in the summer, so you can just imagine the winter winds, perfect to form the right layers of snow for professional skiing. Voskopoja is one of the favorite destinations to celebrate Christmas Eve or New Year because restaurants and hotesl offer live folk music and very good food.

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2. Dardhe

Dardhe (aka Dardhë, Dardha) is a tourist village about 12 miles (20 km) southeast of Korce, at an altitude of about 4400 ft (1350 m) above sea level. Dardhe is perfect for you! Why? Because you’ll have the whole village to yourself. There aren’t many local people here, except the ones who are fully vested in the tourism industry, such as inn and hotel owners, restaurant owners, and such.

FUN FACT: Dardha, or Dardhe, holds the name of the pear fruit.

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Dardha is the dream of every vacationeer who wants to enjoy some alone time away from the crowds.Dardha offers a very healthy climate full of fresh air. Winter sports, especially skiing, attract lots of passionate tourists. Whether you’re a professional or beginner, there’s always a track suitable to you, and lots of opportunities and time to improve.

3. Boboshtica

Boboshtica is an important tourist attraction in Korca region. It is known for the rich flora and fauna, excellent climate, clear water and centennial trees. The terrain is apt for numerous activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and paragliding.
Boboshtica also offers opportunities for cultural and historic tourism. The small houses have a distinct architectural style, while the old bridges, churches, and water springs are must-visit destinations.
Boboshtica has two important elements that make it different from the other villages of the region. The language that older people speak and the centennial mulberry trees. There are many houses in the village where women continue to make carpets and kilims in handlooms as they did for centuries.

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4. Vithkuqi

Vithkuqi is located 26 km away from the city of Korca. It is home to an ancient Illyrian settlement and to the source of Osumi River. Despite its remote location between the mountains, the people of the area have been influenced by western culture. They are known for their hospitality and traditions. Vithkuq preserves unique old songs and dances like Dado’s dance.
Culinary delicacies include dairy products, meat dishes, and plums grape.
The village has many churches where it is possible to finds icons and paintings by Zografi and Shpataraku. Other monuments of interest include old bridges and drinking fountains. Rumor has it that gold is hidden somewhere in the ruins and walls of these ancient buildings, especially at Zoto bridge.

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5. Vermosh

Vermosh (aka Vermoshi, Vërmosh, Vërmoshi) is a village in the Municipality of Kelmendi, in the District of Malesia e Madhe. It’s located about 60 miles (95km) from the city of Shkodra. From Shkodra, Vermosh is about a five hour car ride. One thing to note, you want a 4×4 vehicle, with lots of ground clearance, especially in the winter.The ride from Shkodra to Vermosh is absolutely stunning with breathtaking landscapes that are just amazing in the winter as they are in the summer.That pure snow whiteness will surely make you hungry, so prepare for the specialties of the area which are mainly meat products and some high calorie sweets.

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6. Valbona Valley National Park

Valbona Valley National Park is located about 16-17 miles (25-30 km) north of the town of Bajram Curri. If during the spring and summer you will see the brightest colors that nature offers with a 4K quality, winter comes with a white veil over Valbona and wears it for several months. Despite its steep peaks and high mountain ridges, it can hardly hide. In addition to winter sports in the Valbona Valley National Park, you will find accommodation to have a very unique experience to them, because you will sleep in the high towers, like the local of the area. A unique experience, most certainly!

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7. Theth National Park

The Theth National Park is located about 44 miles (70 km) from Shkodra. Nestled in the Albanian Alps, Theth is the perfect location to explore the surrounding mountains and valleys. The best way to get to Theth is by jeep. It costs €10 per person each way and you should be able to book this through your accommodation. It has a number of charming guesthouses which are all around €40-50 a night. Most people go there during spring or summer to enjoy the charming nature, but nothing compares to that plain white colour covering the village and beyond. We recommend you talk to your trusted agency in case you are planning to go there on winter time.

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8. Razem

The village of Razem is located about 25 miles (40 km) north of Shkodra. It has a mountainous climate, with a cold and long winter, very clean air to fill the lungs for weeks on end, and to get away from the big metropolitean areas, with curative values for the health of everyone. The right place to go skiing in the glacial moraines, especially in the Black Field and in the sports field of Razem Camp. For those of you who like luxury, you’ll find quite comfortable accommodations.

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9. Dajti Mountain National Park

It is located in the eastern part of the capital Tirana, so enjoying the snow and its magic for a few hours, has never been easier. You can go by car if you want to enjoy a road trip or use the cable car for 10 dollars round trip if you do not have a problem with the heights and want to get a good bird eye view of Tirana for about 20 minutes. Dajti offers all the possibilities for one-day entertainment and more, comfortable accommodation, quality food in many of the new restaurants, and opportunities for winter sports. You can often do horse riding, even in the winter.

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10. Llogara

The Llogara National Park is located about 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Vlora. Many travelers know it by the name Llogara Pass, which is the crossing point of southern beaches and a rest area if you’re traveling from Vlora to the southern part of Albania, like Himara and Saranda. The Llogara Park is actually one of the most beautiful parks in Albania, especially in the winter. You’ll enjoy a few winter adventures in the area, such as air sports, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. And once you’re done with these activities, enjoy the special cuisine of the area.

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