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Things to do in Voskopja [ULTIMATE LIST]

Voskopoja has been one of the most important cities in the southeastern Albania in the past centuries.

Historical records show that Voskopoja has been inhabited since 1330 and flourished in 1764, because like rarely any other city in the Balkans, it had 24 churches, an academy, a library and a printing house. The city has had the misfortune of being destroyed and burned 3 times in its history. The first time in 1769, the second time in 1789 and the third time in 1916.

However, traces of history are still present in every angle of Voskopoja and it`s up to you to discover more of it. Here is the ultimate list of things to do in Voskopoja!

Things to do in Voskopoja

sign welcoming people to voskopoja

Visit post-Byzantine style churches and basilicas

In Voskopoja you will find 7 existing orthodox churches, construced by the masters of icons and frescoes like David Selenica, brothers Zografi from Koraa, Konstandin Leromonaku, master of iconostasis, that has resisted time, wars, and damage by the humans during communism.

Explore natural paths

The village is surrounded by high hills and forests with ferns. The climate in this village is with cool summers and cold winters and snowfall during most of this season. There are also some natural ski slopes. This village is known for its clean air and the healing power of respiratory diseases. This village can be called a pearl of the Albanian landscape.

Camping in Voskopoja is a must

The summer season in Voskopoja is even more attractive for many tourists. You can go for a walk in the morning or evening, breathing the fresh mountain air, enjoying the crystal water of the numerous springs in the village, camping or excursions in total pricacy.

Skiing in Voskopoja

Along with January, there comes the snow in Voskopoja, one of the perfect villages to practice skiing. The village is full of hills and consequently natural slopes. However, you will find directions to climb to the most convenient peak, which passes through the old caravan route, to reach the place where you can enjoy your favorite sport. Keep in mind that you will encounter some old churches along the way, which you can visit, so measure your time well before you leave. As you leave the village and climb among the tall pines, the view you will see is fantastic. It is better to have a local guide with you and also a professional due to the difficult terrain for both climbing and skiing.

Walk through the characteristic cobbled streets of Voskopoja

Voskopoja is distinguished for the preparation of handcrafts based on local craftsmanship and natural resources, mainly woodworking, weaving of woolen garmets and many other valuable skills. Back in the day, Voskopoja used to be one of the most imporant cities in Albania, and some go as far as saying that it was the cultural and commerce capital of Albania. With a library, an academy, cobblestone sidewalks and other features, it’s no wonder why many prominant figures like David Selenica, Kavalioti, Grigori and more have called Voskopoja home.

Do not miss horseback riding in Voskopoja

If you love animals, especially horses, then you’ve got to try horseback riding in Voskopoja, to ride on top of the horse between the green hills and be amazed by the never-ending landscape. The horse owners would love to become your guide and show you around.

Do not leave Voskopoja without enjoying the traditional organic food and the characteristic drinks

Away from the noise, away from the heat, dust or work commitments, in Voskopoja you can find traditional cuisine of the area. You can not leave without enjoying the cabbage in the saucepan, lamb on the grill, plum raki, local pancakes, petanik, cake, etc. One thing you will not find in Voskopoja is processed food. Because everything you eat and taste in Voskopoja is 100% organic!

Photo credit: A Daily Odyssey