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Top 10 Things To Do In Divjake, Albania

Best things to do in Divjake in a day or two

The Municipality of Divjaka is located in the middle of Albania, along the Adriatic coast, south of the Shkumbin River and covers the northern part of the Karavasta lagoon. In the national park Divjaka-Karavasta everything radiates beauty and peace. What can be easily noticed is that harmony, tranquility and beauty have not yet left this miracle of Albanian nature, which does not seem like a work of man.

Divjaka is only 50 minutes away from Durres, so even if you want to explore it within a day, you can do it quite easily. Here are the top 10 things we suggest you do in Divjake.

1. Explore the Divjaka – Karavasta National Park

Divjaka – Karavasta National Park, located in the western part of Albania, lies along the Myzeqe plain overlooking the Adriatic Sea and due to the diversity of birds and plants, this area is identified as an area of high importance of birds and plants in the international level. In addition, Divjake-Karavasta is an important place for aquatic fauna and plays an important role in the economy of local fishermen. The stunning landscape is one of the salient features of this park, which has a positive impact on the local economy and serves as a gateway for tourism development. Migratory birds have no borders as states do and this underscores the need to step up efforts to contribute to the protection of bird diversity on the migratory route.

2. Visit the 7 churches of Karavasta

The 18th century Byzantine church in the village of ‘Karavasta e Re’, or ‘New Karavasta’ is a very interesting point for tourists. Just in the Village of Karavasta of the Remas Municipality there are 7 churches (St. Thanasi, St. Maria, the two churches of ShĂ«nepremte, St. Nicholas, St. Michael and St. Demetrio). They are a precious piece of history and for sure a valuable trace of the Albanian previous Christian culture. These old religious monuments, today are cultural monuments open to all curious minds.

3. Learn about the Ardenice Monastery

The history of this monastery has its roots in the Middle Ages but the exact date of its construction or foundation is unknown. In the center of this cult object is the church “Birth of St. Mary”, which is built of tuff and white stones. While the apse is made of white stones with decorative elements.

4. Bird watching

One of the main destinations in Albania for bird watching. Divjaka and its park are more and more populated by migratory birds, so in every season you will find flying friends there, even beautiful flamingos. Apparently, the peace of this park attracts the best.


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5. Observe the park from the panoramic tower

climbing the 115 feet divjaka towerA few years ago, in the heart of Divjaka park, a 360 degree observation tower was built. It is about 115 feet (35 meters) high and is already a reference point for the city. For the price of 1 Euro (or ~$1.25), everyone can climb on top, as long as you’re not afraid of heights.

PRO TIP: If you take a picture from the top of the tower, send it to us at [email protected], and we’ll feature it in our social media channels!

6. Boat tour in Karavasta Lagoon

people getting ready to board a boat in divjakaIf you do not want to go swimming, or you ain’t a fan of it, you can always explore the Karavasta Lagoon by boat. During the voyage you will see blue crabs as they collide with the boat, various fish in the water, and birds flying over the heads of the passengers and tweeting as if to welcome you. The turnover is slow, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. For more information about the boat tour, feel free to ask the staff at the information tower.

7. Enjoy the sandy beach of Divjaka

a picture of the divjaka beach in albaniaIf you imagined waking up in the morning and seeing from the balcony a fascinating landscape with the atmosphere filled with the song and whistle of the forest, this dream is realized by Divjaka Pine National Park. But it does not end there, because in the same place you will find more than you thoughts. As soon as you leave behind the century-old pine forest belt, you’ll be faced with fine sand beaches… about immediately begins the fine sand and behind it the endless sea with a 7.5 mile (12 km) coastline.

PRO TIP: If time isn’t an issue, try spending 10-15 days on the curative sand and the tranquility of the centuries-old pine forest in Divjaka. Divjaka is very cost-effective.

8. Bicycle riding

Rent a bike and go around the park without being late for lunch. Find the most panoramic places and create a super photo album because everything is easier when you have a bike while exploring a new place. Ask at the info point and you can enjoy the park on 2 wheels. Attention, you will be asked for a license at the beginning. JK, they will only wish you a good time 😀

9. Enjoy the fish and blue crab from Divjaka Lagoons

In the numerous lagoons of the park you’ll find different types of fish, which are distinguished for their quality and taste. Sea bass, mullet, eel and many other types of fish can be found little or not at all in other areas of Albania.

10. Asks the locals about “The freedom Forest” (Pylli i LirisĂ«)

Divjaka forest is not any kind. All the locals will confirm this, they call it the Forest of Freedom. In 1976, one of the most inspiring films of the time was shot here, in which a brave young man tamed a wild, white horse following him barefoot through the woods. He followed him, until the horse surrendered and fell into the hands of the boy. Ask the locals for more and they will be happy to tell you this story.


Divjaka – Karavasta National Park

The national park area is known for its various floristic and faunal populations, endemic, subendemic, rare, and endangered species. The Mediterranean Natural Pine Forest is the only coastal forest in natural conditions in Albania. Karavasta Lagoon and the surrounding area is the most important ecosystem for waterfowl. Karavasta Lagoon is home to the only breeding ground for the Pelican (Pelecanus crispus), a globally endangered species. The main species of fish are Anguilla Anguilla, Sparus auratus, Dicentrarchus labrax, Aphanius fasciatus and Gobius bucchichi etc. Divjaka is also known for its buffalo breeding (Bubalus bubalis), which is found only in this area and is a protected species in Albania.


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