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Meet Urim Bozaxhiu: a travel youtuber revealing the most wanted destinations in Albania

From the Theth – Valbona trail to exploring the picturesque Lin

The second most beautiful part of the trip, apart from the experience itself, are the memories, and we love it when travelers take care not to keep them to themselves. Some prefer to take travel notes and turn them into blog articles, some take inspirational photos and share them on instagram, and some others prefer to give us a more complete experience through youtube videos.

Such is the case of our next guest.

He is a full time videographer, who does not give up the camera even during his adventurous weekends around Albania. There are almost 2 years since his exploratory journey has started and apparently he doesn’t want to stop. In this interview, he will reveal to us details of his travels, the way he sees Albania through those pristine hidden corners and what’s next about him.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Meet Urim Bozaxhiu!

Urim Bozaxhiu


  1. What does traveling mean to you?

For me it’s love for nature. I started traveling because of the passion to explore my country, and little by little I realised that it was very important to me and helped me reflect about me and about life. As a professional videographer I often combine work with passion, and I’ve published several videos on my YouTube Channel.

2. Do you remember your first travel adventure ever?

My first trip was on the outskirts of Tirana, in Allgjate. It happened not so long ago, sometime after the difficult lockdown. I felt a need to escape home walls and go somewhere far. I went by riding my bicycle and I found what I needed, nature and relax.

3. I noticed that on your instagram feed there is a lot of nature, calmness, perspective, depth and a lot of other people’s portraits. What do you find in photography to be so enjoyable for you and what do you want to transmit through it?

As I get pleasure from traveling, I want to inspire people to go out, to enjoy nature. I do not edit them a lot, I do not transform them, because I want to reflect the beauty that nature offers.

  1. Your Youtube channel is about your adventures with your friends all around Albania and it seems to be quite fun. Do you use a mobile phone or a professional camera? 

First I’d like to say that the YouTube channel came as a need to memorize my trips with the group. I didn’t create it for any other benefit. I currently use a Sony A73 camera often with wide angle lens for landscape mode.

  1. What advice would you give to a travel vlogger wannabe who has just started his/her first attempts on the platform?

To be original and to convey what he feels in that moment of travel, this is the most important. It makes the vlog authentic and full of emotions.

  1. Which is your travel destination in Albania that you keep on visiting every year?

Actually I do not repeat a destination twice because it feels boring, but it is worth it when you visit the same place on different seasons. For sure I would like to repeat the Theth-Valbona Crossing. It took me 3 years to get the courage to do it as a trip, but when I did it was easy because the path was marked and there were a lot of people from both sides going towards Theth or Valbona.

  1. What’s your most favourite and least favourite Albanian food?

My favourite is jufka dibrane with chicken, the least favourite is the okra stew.

  1. What’s your favourite quote of an Albanian author?

“Freedom is the essence
of the soul and mind, where
there is no freedom, the mind
and the soul dry up
like a plant without water. ”

Sami Frasheri

  1. If you had a chance to be a mayor of a city in Albania, which one would it be and what would be the first thing you would change there?

I will choose Dibra, because of my origin from this area. The first thing I would do is restore the identity of the main promenade of the city of Peshkopi, because it is now slightly damaged by numerous constructions.

  1. Do you celebrate any Albanian festive days?

I remember the craziest celebration was when Albanian football team won against Greek football team in 2004. I covered my car with Albanian flags and drove around Tirana with my friends singing and celebrating.

  1. If I could make you any gift, what would you like it to be?

The most beautiful gift would be a full trip to Norway to see the beautiful aurora borealis. It is one of my dreams.

  1. Name three Albanian artists that you always listen to while traveling?

I listen to the songs of Shpat Deda, Bojken Lako and Dren Abazi.

  1. Are you a great travel companion?

Yes, I think I am very funny, I have a good sense humor and I try to be positive with others. Sometimes trips can be very long and should be spent with nice conversations and positive energy.

  1. Spend a day hiking or visiting museums?

I prefer a day hiking.

  1. Visit a small town or big cities?

I’d choose a small town. It has a different dynamic and a traveler can learn more about traditions and the local culture. Small towns and villages are able to preserve traditions better.

16. Do you travel solo?

Yes, sometimes. I was on a day trip to the village of Shesh in the administrative unit of Ndroq, to the castle of Dorez and the lake of Lepuri in Shengjergj. Traveling alone is a challenge in itself.

  1. Any fun traveling story you want to share?

Last year while exploring the village of Boge in Shkodra, we got the courage to climb a path we did not know. A part of the group gave up at some point because it was a tiring climb but I decided to climb it myself. The road became difficult due to the long grass and I was kinda regretting it. Then I started hearing a very loud noise that I thought was a powerful stream flow or a river. I got scared. Maybe I would have to cross a torrential river, but I don’t give up. As I climbed, I realized that it was just a noisy wind. At the top of the mountain I enjoyed an incredible view. I also noticed a dried tree in the shape of a ram’s horns and for this reason (as I learned later) this place was named Maja e Bridashit.

Urim Bozaxhiu

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