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Most romantic places in Albania

Whether you’re looking for a place to take your date, or just want that romanticity feeling, these places are a must-visit in Albania

Pogradec, Albania, Boat snow Lake ohrid

Hopeless romantic? Me too. We just can’t help but seek new romantic places to spend time with our romantic partners. It`s a romantic life. 😀

Hey guys, are you looking for the best place to propose to your lover? Or are you in such a mood to handle only quiet and beautiful landscapes? Or are you a blogger, searching for the best cute spots to take photographs? Either way, prepare to meet the love destination guru. Take notes, I am revealing the best romantic places to visit in Albania!

Most romantic places in Albania

Korca – the so-called ‘Little Paris’, and words aren’t enough to explain why

Korce , Albania

Korca (Korça) is the city of serenades, the place where young boys sing with guitars to beautiful girls under the balconies, with pots of colorful flowers. It is the city where love is expressed with sweet and soulful songs, where the heels of playful girls knock on the cobblestones in the afternoons around the city. It is the city with one of the most pleasant bazaars in Europe, where you’ll find stylish restaurants, nice cafes and romantic decor. Christmas is the most beautiful time to be in Korca and to surprise your girlfriend, with a bright ring under the many lights of Republic Boulevard.


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Drilon, Pogradec by @Pogradeci by Franko

Take your other half by hand and tell him/her a beautiful love story as you walk in the lakefront boulevard along Lake Ohrid. Swans will accompany you and take you to Drilon, a romantic oasis in every season. There you can take a boat to sail on the lake next to the elegant swans that form hearts with their slender necks. And while the boatman is reciting a poem by the poet of the city, Lasgush Poradeci, then you will be ready to say to her or him ‘I love you’ and start a beautiful love story.


Butrint National Park roman amphitheater

A beautiful love story is one that lasts a long time, like Butrint, the ancient city, that still conveys emotions as you walks its narrow alleys. The pleasant view of the lake, the tranquility, the light air, the chirping of the birds in the millennial trees lift the heart weight. After passing the amphitheater and walking a little through the city corridors, surrounded with centuries-old walls and greenery, you will come across a mosaic of hearts, almost 2000 years old. Tell your partner that your love will last even longer. Isn’t it romantic?



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I am not talking about walking through the forest, that’s too cliche. Unless you are a hiking addict. But, there is something special you can do in Llogara to surprise your dearest person, to make him/her feel in the air for a long time, in all senses. Paragliding! Pretend you came there by chance, and when you convince your boyfriend/girlfriend to try this sport, when you jump and start flying over the Ionian Sea, a few hundred meters up, let them hear from Vlora to Saranda, shout your love and say “I love you in the sea, in the mountains or in the air. Whenever, wherever.”

Castle of Ali Pashe Tepelena


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Exactly what Ali Pashe Tepelena built for his love of life, Vasiliqi. History wrote about this special love of one of the most important figures in the history of Southern Albania. The castle of Porto Palermo is distinguished by its special shape and still today retains its strong walls for its strategic position, surrounded by water. Would not it be a beautiful metaphor for your love? A strong love through the centuries, that is not shaken by any war or storm, but stays strong and stoic until the end.