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Meet Lara Saracco: the Argentinian girl living and working in Albania [Jun 2024]

The best and worst of Tirana according to an expat eye

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Presenting Albania from an expat point of view, helps us know them more and helps you understand better our lifestyle and our mentality. That’s why we keep on insisting interviewing not Albanian explorers and showing you our country in 360°. We continue to be open to your suggestions and interview your favourite travellers.

This time, as we close another interview series, we would like to introduce you an Argentinian girl living and working in Albania. Her name is Lara Saracco and she has been working as a travel consultant in Tirana. She has been living in other countries as well, and we we curious to know what makes Albania special in her eyes.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Meet Lara Rodrigues Saracco!

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1.It’s been a year since you decided to come to Albania. What made you choose our country?

I came to Tirana looking for a job event though I didn’t have any idea what I could find here.
This is something really nice about Albania. Most of the people don’t know anything about the country and when they arrive here, they just fall in love.

2. Where have you lived before moving to Albania?
I have lived in Macedonia for 3 months, in Hungary for nine months, in Turkey for other nine months  and of course in Argentina, my homeland.

3. Compared to these countries, what do you find different or special in Albania?

Albania is special for the Albanian people because they are really kind and friendly, with a big personality.

4. You live in Tirana but have you visited other places in Albania?

I didn’t have the opportunity to travel so much around Albania, but I have been to the cities of Kruja , Vlora and a village near Tirana, in Pellumbas.

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5. Are you planning to visit other places as well?

Yes of course, I don’t want to leave Albania without visiting the historical city of Berat.

6. What’s the best thing about Tirana?

Tirana is really good for those who like to walk and have a cup of coffee in any coffee shop. You can find like 1000 around the city.

7. What about the worst thing?

The traffic. As I have noticed, the drivers don’t respect the traffic rules, but the good thing is that the city is small so you can walk around and you don’t really need a car.

8. What are the Albanian words you have learned so far?

The good thing about living here, is that it is not necessary to speak Albanian. The people are so kind and most of them speak English, Italian and Spanish.

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9. Do you like Albanian food? What dish do you prefer?

It’s crazy how much the Italian, the Greek and the Turkish have influenced the Albanian cuisine. You can find a lot of food inspired from these cultures, with an Albanian touch.

10. If you would plan a romantic date with your boyfriend, where in Tirana would you take him?

I am not a romantic person but I recommend a bar like Komiteti and especially beacuse of the raki with cinnamon from there, after two of those any romantic date can be good.

11. Are you superstitious? Name a Albanian superstition you think is more than strange

I’m not a superstitious person, but when I lived with an Albanian girl for a few months, we couldn’t sweep the floor at night because she said that the good luck of the house would leave.

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12. What’s a song or an artist you always listen to when you travel?

I listen to many female artists in English and Spanish. I recommend Biig Piig
 and Jorja Smith.

13. You have been working as a travel consultant, what is you best advise for travellers no matter where they go?

The best advice is to read and research about the city you want to visit, this way you can understand better and appreciate what surrounds you.

14. What’s your favorite way to travel? 

A. Airplane

B. Train

C. Car

I’d say train because it is safer.

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15. Do you travel light or with a lot of luggage?

Of course, travelling light is easier, not carrying much around in the end you realize that you actually do not need so much.

16. The decision to travel, live in different countries and explore the world can be very exciting and full of adventures, but what is the other side of moving so often?

You have to adapt to the new all the time and leave behind things and people you love. It’s not for everyone. It is a life choice.

17. Name 3 dream destinations for you around the world.

Egypt, Thailand and Mexico.

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