What to do in Boboshtica, Korce

Prepare your forks, meat is on the way


Boboshtica is an important tourist destination of Korca, with a hilly-mountainous position. It is distinguished for its wonderful nature with air and clean waters, diverse vegetation with shrubs, perennial fruit trees, oak and conifers, as well as many medicinal plants.

The rich terrain gives the possibility of a series of recreational and sports activities such as sport walking, running, cycling, mountaineering, skiing, parachuting, etc.

Here’s what to do in Boboshtica, Korce

Visit the village

Small stone houses with special architecture, churches, bridges, taps, cobbled streets, squares offer excellent opportunities for cultural and historical tourism.

Try ‘raki mani’

There are two elements that make this village special from the others. The language is still spoken by the ancient inhabitants and the centuries-old manats, from which the famous yellow-green mulberry brandy is also produced. In Boboshtica there are still old houses, where carpets are woven in the traditional way with a loom.

Enjoy the local food

Boboshtica is also rich with many taverns where traditional foods are served such as cabbage in “sach”, wiped pancakes, petanik, various types of meat, etc.


Visit the old orthodox churches

Visitors can visit cultural monuments such as the museum, 1000-year-old churches, the Monastery of St. Mary, etc. At the exit of the village on a hill, on the eastern side not so high is the monastery of St. Kolli. To the northwest is the old church of St. John, built in the 12th century and rebuilt in the 15th century. Even closer to the berries is the church of St. Demetrius, which belongs to the 17th century.