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Meet Sonila Hyseni, the camping expert that will make you reconsider sleeping under stars

A regular outdoor girl, with a bohemian soul

Sonila Hyseni

Last year, while everyone was in quarantine, I saw a picture of a girl on Instagram who set up the camping tent inside her living room. That was her way out. It was enough to make me curious to know more about her. I met her months later and wanted to share her story.

Meet Sonila Hyseni , the Albanian traveling expert, a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul that has found the right balance between mind, body and earth. She is a camping nomad and it seems it works perfectly for her. Through pictures, videos and traveling advices, she inspires us day by day, trip by trip, place by place.



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1. Aside from the basics (money, food, backpack), what are your three essential items when traveling?

I always forget something when I travel. It could be camping tent sticks, any underwear, sunscreen but never antiperspirant, knife, dried fruit.

Sonila Hyseni camping


2. What is your dream job (outside of the travel world)

I think I have not experimented enough to know what the dream job will be. I have many desires, but none gives me the satisfaction I want to get from a job that I will have for a long period of my life. Right now, I see myself traveling the world, promoting the beauties and values of different destinations.

3. Your favorite sport?

When it comes to sports I can not have only one favorite. I have experimented a lot. So far, the sports that give me a lot of pleasure are cycling, volleyball, running, hiking, kayaking, SUP surfing.

sonila hyseni

4. What is the Albanian dance that should definitely be danced at your wedding?

Definitely the Tropoja dance. I originate from the south, but I am very much connected with the culture of the northern area.

5. The most annoying question people ask when it comes to travel?

It bothers me when they ask me ironically: How don’t you get tired of climbing mountains? I do not understand this!! How can you get tired of doing the things you love ?! There are also those ugly comments, such as: -Stay in the mountains, you are ruining your life (LOL). Usually these comments come from people who have no passions in their lives.

Sonila hyseni

6. Are you usually early, late or always on time?

A little of all three (hahaha).


7. Which family member calls you most often when you are traveling?

My dad calls me more than anyone, but when I’m on trips he calls less as he knows I might be doing something.

8. Do you have to be single to travel?

Certainly not! When you are in a relationship I think it is even easier for some things while traveling, but on the other hand solo traveling has a lot of adrenaline, self-discovery, unexpected experiences that become life lessons, and make you gain a lot of confidence. I like the second one more ☺

9. A super place in Albania where you have not been yet?

In the air ☺ I have not paraglided and I have not climbed Jezerca yet. I think it’s the most magnificent peak we have.

10. If you were to become mayor, which Albanian city would you like to be? Why?

The mayor of Përmet. Përmet is a model city, everyone who has been mayor has done a very good job. I think I would do even better (haha). I would work hard with tourism and outdoor sports. It is still a not promoted area.

Sonila Hyseni Permet

11. Mention an Albanian historical figure that you would really like to meet.

Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa), I adore her. The strength of her mind and soul amazes me every time I think of her.

12. What would you order at a romantic dinner?

Hmmm, do you count pizza? : D

13. What was the most challenging thing you ever did?

I faced the strongest storm I may have ever encountered. I was camping alone for a few days at the beach. At 07:00 am the storm started and I could not get out of the camp tent. I was blocked. For a moment I thought that was it. When I got out of the tent I could not see anything. It was morning, but I couldn’t see anything. I pulled the tent away from the shore, threw stones at it so that the storm would not catch it, and headed for the bar not far from where I had opened the tent. In those moments I was more concerned for the tent, thinking that it might be torn apart or its sticks were broken, than for myself .

14. What is the best way to take a picture in nature: lying down, standing or vertical (upside down)?

All three ☺ Upside down photos are a lot of fun and I am a master of them (haha)

sonila Hyseni upside down

15. What rules or laws have you broken so far through travels and adventures?

I don’t remember any…

16. If you could teleport to any place now, where would it be and why?

In Bali, Indonesia. I adore the temples, the waterfalls, the rich nature, the agritourism culture and the culture of that place in general. It’s just a magical place. Just seeing it through the internet gives me a lot of peace and fantasy.

17. Show us the silliest photograph you have taken during the trips

No one made sure to add funny pictures to my archive. I have a modest one. 

Here you go:

Sonila Hyseni

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Safe travels! 🙂

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