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The most beautiful waterfalls in Albania

From North to South, learn how to get to these astonishing waterfalls

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Nature offers views that the human hand will never be able to reach.
It is precisely that inexplicable peace that the greenery of the forests and the blueness of the water give to the soul and make it feel relaxed like never before. Therefore, we are always in pursuit of these oases of nature, which amaze us with their perfection, vibrant colors, and unique sounds. So are the waterfalls in Albania, so numerous due to the mountainous terrain and the Mediterranean climate.


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You will find them very often in your explorations in nature, but absolutely the most beautiful that you should definitely see, you will find below.

Here are the most beautiful waterfalls in Albania

Let’s start with the most beautiful of them all.

Sotira Waterfall

This famous waterfall in Albania is located about 10 miles (16 kilometers) away from Gramsh, and to reach the waterfall area you have to walk less than an hour. Only in recent years has it become a tourist attraction, when adventurers turned their eyes away from the pearls of nature. It is named Sotire from the village where the waterfall is located. The road to Gramsh is very good and accompanies in most of it the beautiful lake created by the hydropower plant of Banja. If you look at the hills and villages around it, you will see the hand of the man who embroidered them with vineyards, fruit trees, with agricultural products all beautifully arranged. Between the gentle hills, you can see flocks of sheep or goats grazing in the green environment.


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Bogova waterfall

It appears in the lower part of Bogova village, along the road that leads to Skrapar. It takes approximately 45 minutes from Berat to descend to the waterfall and its natural source. Positioned on the left side of the Osum Valley, the waterfall is found hidden among the forests, slopes and dense vegetation and its isolation is the strong point of this impressive destination. If you arrive in the village center, ask about the locals who accompany you to find the shortest way to get there. Bogova waterfall with cold and crystal clear water is a gem of nature. If you are brave enough, I invite you to swim in it.


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St Gjergj (George) Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located near the village of Shengjergj, on the outskirts of Tirana, and is distinguished for its stunning beauty especially in spring and summer with its varied colors. It has created around it a picturesque place to relax, you will even find spaces to have a picnic. The waterfall is supplied with water from Mali me Gropa (Mountain with holes) and forms one of the tributaries of the Erzen River. It has a height of about 100 feet (30 meters) visible and meanders through the spiral funnels at greater and less visible height to the eye of the visitor. The rock formation around it is layered and colored rocks, where red is predominant. You will find it only 1 hour away from the city so it is worth visiting in one day. Take food with you because it is not easy to find restaurants around.


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Krraba Waterfall

The waterfall located in the village of Krrabe, a few minutes from Tirana, has a height of approximately 33 feet (10 meters) from its base. It is supplied by a stream which in spring has a large water inflow, giving the waterfall a stunning view. This waterfall is seasonal and you cannot always find it full, so wait for the spring rainy season to enjoy it to the fullest. The way is simple and can be done by any person. To get there, follow the road from Tirana to Krrabe, and then continue on foot to the path that leads to the waterfall.

Kakunji Waterfall, Baldushk

Only 20 minutes from Tirana by car, and then walking towards the village Kakunj to see the waterfall of the same name. This mountain stream has abundant water, enough to plunge into its blueness and to cool down after a long walk through the hills. It is a few feet high and fills up during the spring season, so put it on your weekend agenda.

Sopoti Waterfall

Another natural beauty waiting to visit. Sopot Waterfall is located in Permet, at the edge of Mount Nemercka. You will discover an area that offers wonderful natural beauties that are still untouched. The trail offers wonderful views of the southern part of the terrain and above all, a spectacular view of the glacier of Mount Nemercke. After arriving in Permet, you will start the journey in the village of Strembeciti, and walking along a gentle mountain path that passes between the beautiful pastures, you will arrive at the Waterfall of Sopot.

Osumi Canyons Waterfalls

Osum Canyons have a length of 16 miles (26 km) and has 8 high waterfalls that attract thousands of visitors and adventurers every season. Among them, the highest and having water for most of the year are Lovers’ Waterfall – All lovers should take a picture there and remember it. Legend has it that it brings prosperity and a happy life together. Champagne Waterfall – It is so named because its water is scarce and often dries out, like champagne. The other waterfalls in Osum canyons are: Bigas Waterfall, Sugar Waterfall, Bride’s Gown Waterfall

Grunas Waterfall

Grunas waterfall in Theth is distinguished by the fact that its water all springs from rock and is snow water. This is a feature you will not find in any waterfall in Europe. It brings to mind the springs where the mountain nymphs drank water in the old tales of the highlanders. Where brave warriors quenched their thirst after long battles, and where the beauty of young girls was reflected. It’s about 100 feet (30 meters) high and together with the surrounding circuses and the Bloja Mill, form one of the most interesting places to visit by any tourist visiting Theth. It has been declared a natural monument and is protected by the state.


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‘Blue Eye’ in Theth

After leaving the Grunas Canyon, get ready for another natural wonder, for Thethi’s Blue Eye (not to be mistaken with the equally famous Saranda’s Blue Eye, which is in the southern Albania). From the place where the vehicle is parked to the Blue Eye is a pedestrian road and takes about 40 minutes for the person who walks with normal walking. The Blue Eye is one of the rarest beauties in all of Albania. It is formed by the Black River, which originates in the Black Peak. The Blue Eye is formed by the erosion of rock by water coming down from the mountain. The Black Well is about 1075 square feet (100 square meters) and about 10 feet deep. The Black River is all formed by the melting of snow in the Alps.


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Gjecaj waterfall

Thethi is the village that has the most water and waterfalls in Albania because wherever you walk through Theth you will find a water source. There are more than 80 water sources in Theth, which never run out. On your way to the center of the village, in addition to the amazing beauties that you will see, the crown with the tops of the mountains, you will also meet the Gjecaj waterfall which is just past the Gjecaj neighborhood, about 100 feet (30 meters) up the national road, which leads to in the center, which is quite beautiful and special, about 80 feet (25 meters) high.

Kelcyra Canyon waterfalls

As you cross the Dragot Bridge in Tepelena and continue your way to Permet, you will see one of the most impressive views of the entire Vjosa Valley. Countless springs flow from both slopes of the Kelcyra Canyon. One of these is the most special, it is called the Black Water Source, as the basin where it flows, due to the depth, looks dark. The waters that descend from the slopes in addition to being clear, crystal clear, at the bottom, in the river, are covered by a dense vegetation and centuries-old turnips, which create wonderful environments for picnics

Selcka Waterfall

Selcka is the most remote village of Lunxheria. Selcka Canyon, about 4 miles (6 km) long, is a Natural Monument in Albania and is located along with the middle sector of the Suha valley, where this valley intersects transversely and divides the Lunxheri-Bureto mountain range. In some parts the canyon narrows greatly. There is also a fascinating waterfall. The village is small and picturesque and contains, in addition to natural beauty, also well-preserved dwellings, fountains with interesting architecture and two churches.


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Pocest Waterfall

It is located near the town of Peshkepi. You can easily travel to the village by car, then you have to start the beautiful adventure of walking for about 2 hours to the destination. The road is with beautiful landscapes you will see them at an altitude of 3280 ft (1000 meters) above sea level. Pocest waterfall is located on the eastern slope of Deshat mountain. It springs from the crack of limestone rock in the form of a flow, at a height of about 43 feet (13 m), creating this amazing waterfall.


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Peshtura Waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall is hidden this time between the mountains of Tepelena, exactly in Progonat. The way to get there is by heading towards Bence -Kurvelesh Municipality. In Bence you have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and a landscape that stretches in front of you with the water supply of Tepelena or Ali Pasha in the center. Continue on the road to Progonat, a not very good road, so be sure to leave with a vehicle suitable for mountainous terrain, preferrably a 4×4. Descending to the waterfall is not difficult but with rainy weather, you have to be extremely cautious. Result? A wonderful view of the waterfall before your eyes. The bold blue color is magical. You can also swim.


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