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House of Traditions, one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Boboshtica

If you’re in Korca and are looking to try some traditional Albanian cooking, there are three villages you must visit: Voskopoja, Dardha and Boboshtica. On today’s stop, we’re in Boboshtica, more specifically one of the best restaurants in Korca, a restaurant where the name says everything: Shtepia e Tradites, which quite literally translates to House of Traditions.

Situated just 6 km from the city of Korca, this restaurant is near the entrance of the village of Boboshtica, located near a small pond. What you’ll find here is a rich menu with organic dishes and very reasonable prices. After all, this is a farm-to-table tavern-style establishment.

Here is a glimpse of the menu as of December 2023.

We obviously tried a lot of dishes on our visit to House of Traditions, and every single dish was prepared with love. We didn’t expect less from a family-run restaurant, and this was no exception.

chicken with panna

Restaurant Details

Restaurant Name: Taverna “Shtëpia e Traditës”

Restaurant Website:

Restaurant Phone Number: +355 69 305 9823

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