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Vila Sonnet in Korca, 10 reasons why you should choose this accommodation

From the perfect location & classic style rooms, to the underground well

Planning a visit to Korca, the city of serenades?

We have shared earlier Top 10 things to do in Korca and How to spend 24 hours there if it’s a short trip. Whether your visit is long or just for a day, we know the right place where you should stay while enjoying the best that Korca has to offer.

We believe that your accommodation should fit perfectly with the place that you are visiting, that’s why Vila Sonnet is that perfect fit for such a classy and romantic city. We visited this place a couple of times, we met the welcoming staff and even the chef of their restaurant, we tried their dishes too, we had a look at every room and the relaxing area and we made sure that this is a place where our readers deserve to be.

Oh, we also shot a vlog while exploring the vila!

It’s our first one, so have a look and let us know what do you think! 🙂 WATCH THE VLOG

But why do we love Vila Sonnet so much? Here’s 10 reasons why we think it’s a perfect place to be when visiting Korca.

1. It’s located in the centre of the city

A short walk from the Cathedral of the City, which lies at the very centre of Korca, will take you to Vila Sonnet. With just a few steps too, you reach the main boulevard “Republica”, which means you have the access to the coffee shops, restaurants and nightlife destinations. You don’t even need to rent a car if you’re planning to stay within the city.

2. They know how to welcome you

As soon as you arrive at the villa, while doing the check-in, the staff will welcome you with refreshing drinks while waiting a bit at the hall.

3. The rooms are stylish and comfortable

Do we want to talk about its decor? Here’s a glimpse of this beautiful villa where design is executed in a classic style. The entrance of the villa impresses from the first step inside with its marble waterjet, columns, and chic chandeliers.


4. There’s a full bar menu & drinks to choose from

What’s a vacation without the right drinks? Vila Sonnet offers a full bar menu for its guests and you can choose your favorite one.

5. An abundant breakfast and a traditional dinner

Chef Miranda Tola is one of the pillars of the villa by preparing the most delicious food for the guests. Not only the breakfast, which is always included in your stay, but you have the chance of trying the local and traditional dishes at the dining area of the villa.


6. You can use the room service

Too lazy to have the breakfast at the dining hall? Too lazy to go at the bar? Just call the room service from your room phone and you will get the room service at any time of the day or night. Enjoy those mornings in your classy room and start the day right by having your first coffee at your bed.

7. There is an elevator indeed

Yes, it is a 3 floor villa and still have an elevator that takes you to any of the rooms and the dining hall too. You can just easily take your heavy luggages at the lift and not worry about carrying them at all. It’s also perfect for elders who struggle with the stairs.


8. There is a relaxing area

Take your favorite books because you will be encouraged to read while you stay in the villa. There is a reading spot with 2 very comfy chairs where you can enjoy a few pages. you can also play chess and don’t worry about bringing it because you will find it there.

9. Indoor smoking area

We know how important it is for the smokers to have a relaxing smoking area, where they don’t have to rush but enjoy the coffee too. You will find a sofa, flowers and a nice decor too. If it’s winter, you can freely smoke there without having to go outside and freeze to death.

10. It has a well on its underground room

Yes, a real well! When the architects worked for the transformation of the villa from a normal house to a guesthouse, they decided to preserve the well and actually use it as part of the underground room decor. It is a safe place though, as the well is covered with a coloured glass and is no danger for the kids that will play around.


Are you curious to know more about Vila Sonnet?

Have a look at our vlog!