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Top Things to do in Tirana during December 2023 [Jun 2024]

Discover the Enchanting Charm of Tirana: A Festive Guide to December 2023 Activities

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Welcome to the heart of Albania’s vibrant capital, Tirana, where December transforms the city into a festive haven. As the year comes to a close, immerse yourself in the spirited atmosphere of Tirana, filled with twinkling lights, joyful melodies, and unique experiences.

Here’s a guide to the Top things to do in Tirana during December 2023.

Explore the Eclectic Christmas Bazaar at Skanderbeg Square

Kick off your December adventure in Tirana by exploring the lively Christmas Bazaar at Skanderbeg Square. Indulge in the festive atmosphere as you peruse local crafts, holiday treats, and handmade gifts. The square comes alive with music and decorations, creating a magical ambiance for all to enjoy.

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Attend a Concert at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Experience the enchantment of classical music and festive tunes at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Check the schedule for special December performances and immerse yourself in the melodious sounds of the season. It’s a perfect way to appreciate the cultural richness of Tirana during the holidays.

National Opera and Ballet Theatre
National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Savor Traditional Albanian Delicacies at Festive Eateries

Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Tirana’s festive cuisine by dining at local eateries. Enjoy traditional Albanian dishes with a holiday twist, and don’t forget to try the seasonal specialties. From hearty stews to sweet delights, Tirana’s culinary scene during December is a gastronomic adventure waiting to be explored.

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Join the Winter Art and Craft Workshops

Embrace your creative side by participating in winter art and craft workshops hosted throughout Tirana. Engage with local artists, learn traditional techniques, and create your own unique holiday-themed souvenirs. It’s a hands-on way to connect with the artistic spirit of Tirana.

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Tirana Pottery Studio

Enjoy an evening at ‘Kalaja e Tiranes’

The Castle of Tirana, located in the heart of the city, becomes a picturesque setting adorned with festive decorations and twinkling lights, creating a charming winter wonderland. You can choose to dine in a restaurant, grab a glass of wine in a bar or wander through the souvenir shops. Just in front of this area, you will find Toptani shopping centre, where you can buy whatever you need for the holidays.

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©Kalaja e Tiranes

Visit Bunk’Art for a Unique Cultural Experience

Explore Tirana’s history and contemporary art scene at Bunk’Art, a museum housed in a former nuclear bunker. Discover exhibitions that showcase the city’s journey through the decades and experience the unique juxtaposition of history and art. It’s an insightful and thought-provoking excursion during your December visit.

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Bunkart 2 ©Yuth Andartin

Enjoy Tirana’s Nightlife

If you love those noisy, crowded nights, New Bazaar is the place for you! Everyone is there for a drink, for dinner and for long warm conversations during December. If you are looking for a fancy place, the rotating restaurants Tirana’s Sky Tower is a fun place for a drink and well worth it for the views of Tirana. Try to make it in time for the sunset. I am sure you have heard about Block area. You must go there. Nightlife, live music concert, theaters, movies, fast food, slow food, fun people. You can also walk to Bllok area to enjoy life music, lively bars and restaurants. Two other suggestions to keep in mind : Mustafa Matohiti street (bars, clubs, restaurants), the bars at Air Albania stadium.

©Cavaliero Club Tirane
©Cavaliero Club Tirane

Watch a romantic movie at the cinema

Bring your family and friends to a romantic or even horror night at the cinema. The emotions will be priceless. You can find a cinema in Tirana at the shopping malls or at the centre of the city. Either way, your favourite movie will make you cry and those nachos will never be enough.

  1. Millenium Cinema
  2. Agimi” Movie Theatre
  3. Cineplexx Albania

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New Year Eve Fireworks

Seeing fireworks overhead is no doubt magical. But seeing them in middle of Tirana, in a giant concert and thousands of people gathered it is truly an unforgetable experience.  Enjoy a special New Year’s Eve fireworks show in Skanderbeg Square. It will start promptly at 12 a.m. and will last 15 minutes, ringing you into the New Year in style and splendor.


Tirana attracts with a festive spirit that fills the air with joy and excitement during December. From the enchanting Skanderbeg Square to the cultural experiences at Bunk’Art, the city offers a diverse array of activities for every visitor. Immerse yourself in the magic of Tirana’s December delights, creating memories that will last a lifetime.