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11 islands of Albania & why you should visit them

They are small, quiet and uninhabited, but always waiting for the next visitors

Starting an adventure to visit the Albanian islands is a challenge that you can easily accomplish within a few weeks. They are small, quiet and uninhabited, but always waiting for the next visitors.
Some of them have old churches or monasteries, others are the perfect place for quiet camping, but they all have one thing in common:
They can be reached very easily because they are close to the shores.

We are showing you which are the 11 islands of Albania, from North to South, and we invite you to visit. From the island of Sazani in Vlora, to the island of Peace in the north, let’s take a virtual tour of these natural beauties.

1.Sazani Island in Vlora

It is called The Bunker Island and there are 2 main reasons why you should visit it. Sazan Island is located at the entrance of the Bay of Vlora, has a width of 1.5 miles (2 km) and is one of the most attractive summer destinations for pristine and unpolluted beaches. In addition, during the Cold War, Sazani served as a naval base where about 10,000 residents, officers and their families lived, an area completely forbidden to others. This also gave it the name bunker island. Today it is open to all tourists looking for a day adventure.

2.Merxhan (Kune)

We travel to Lezha and we will find another island. Kune Island is a low sand island, to the right of the Drini delta of Lezha, about 1 miles from the coast. It is created by the solid tributaries of the Drin and this makes its shape and size constantly change. On the south and east side it is bathed by the Marjan lagoon, which in two places is connected to the sea. It has been declared a national reserve and a natural monument for the richness and diversity of the fauna. During your visit you will also see many waterfowl.

3. Ishulli i Malesorit

The third-largest island in Albania is Malesori Island. For the name itself, we understand that it is located in the north of Albania and exactly in the Buna river. With an area of about 100 acres (40 hectares), it is only about 3 miles (5 km) from Shkodra Lake. The best way to get there is canoeing along the Buna River starting from the Oblique village of the Shkodra district. For a longer adventure, dare to climb Tarabosh Mountain.

4. Ishulli i Franc Jozefit

The Buna River offers another island to visit. It is home to many seabirds, especially the Ardeidae family. If you are wondering why this not at all a typical Albanian name, in fact, the name was given to the island by Austrian cartographers in 1870 in honor of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary. What you will find there, in addition to Austrian baking, is tranquility and peace, you can enjoy birdwatching and enjoy the beautiful nature.

5.Ishulli i Zvernecit

Just like a rose in the heart of Narta lagoon, with its pine-crowned crown and wooden stump bridge, Zvernec Island is one of the most visited today for 3 reasons: It is very easy to get there from the city of Vlora, has a monastery and a church that you can visit and has fantastic views of the Narta Lagoon where you can see the birds and relax for a few hours.It is about 1400 ft (430m) long and about 980 ft (300m) wide, but its enough to enjoy its natural beauty.


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Book your stay near Zvernec

6.Shurdhahu (Sarda)

It lies in the Drini valley in Vau Dejes Lake, in the north of Albania. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands in Albania. On this island lies the castle of the medieval town “Sarda” which together with the castle of Gajtan, the castle of “Dalmacija”. The town of Sarda until the end of the 15th century had been an important cultural center and the meeting point of the three main cultures of the whole northern region, the culture of Malesia, the culture of Mirdita and Zadrima which with the special characteristics that distinguish them from each other have resisted the time and cultural currents borrowed from different invaders.


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7. Ksamil Islands

Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches on the Albanian coast. I promise you this! Meanwhile discover the 3 islands of Ksamil, which are located near the Ionian coast in Ksamil. Just a few minutes drive from from Saranda, you will be facing a stunning view of the turquoise waters, and small rocky islands with dense wild vegetation. Boats and canoes can be used to get to the islands, or, if you dare, go swimming, as the distance from the shore is short.


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8. Tongos Island

The Ionian Sea welcomes you with another island and another adventure: Tongo Island. You will always find his name associated with Stillo cape because there are 2 attractions that you can enjoy on the same day. There is no lack of beautiful beaches typical of Saranda, with stones and blue waters.

9. Maligradi Island

Travel to the southeast of Albania, on the border with Northern Macedonia and visit the island of Maligrad. It is in the heart of Lake Prespa and not very close to the shore. Objects such as tiles, columns and capitals have been found on this island, which accordingto archaeologists belong to a Paleo-Christian church that is thought to have been in the upper part of the lake. Above this island are the ruins of the summer villa of Tsar Simeon of the 11th century. The Church of St. Mary is an old foundation and has served as a spiritual center for Albanian leaders. If you are daring enough, spend a night camping on top of the island.


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10. Stili Island

A destination for camping? Stillo Island, Saranda. It is small one but its beach is enough to enjoy. It is located very close to Tongo Island, a few kilometers from the border with the Greek state. Book your stay near this island

11. Ishulli i Paqes / Island of Peace

Am I the only one who loves islands with special names? Such is the island of Peace, which you will find during your boat trip on Lake Koman, in the north of Albania. It is the smallest island in Albania, but it is always mentioned by the tour guides, remembering the history of its name. It has the shape of the map of Albania, and you will also see a cross placed there, it is not known when, as a sign of faith and humility to God, which the inhabitants of the surrounding villages did not deny even in the years of communism.