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The largest tourism fair in the Balkans and 5 reasons why you must be there

4th edition / 2-4 June 2022, Expocity, Tirana

Tirana is hosting “The International Days of Tourism and Environment Fair 2022” and we are all going to be there!

Next few weeks are going to get busy in Tirana as many events are taking place all around the city and in the suburbs. We, at Albania 360°, don’t like boring weekends and we are making sure you won’t have any of them either.

Next stop? ITE days – the largest tourism fair in the Balkans!

When? 2-4 June hosted in Expocity, Tirana

This is a unique event, where all travel and tourism professionals, environmental experts and travel enthusiasts, from around the world, gather together to discuss the new tourism and environment trends. Further more, here’s 5 good reasons why you should visit the fair at least once during the three days:


There’s no better moment to get in touch with the big guys of the industry than the ITE days. We’re not talking just about the state representatives, but also about the biggest travel agencies and tour operators who are going to display this season’s novelties to the visitors.

Being more specific as we like:

  • Government representatives from the region;
  • Representatives from the tourism industry (local, regional and international companies), such as: tour operators, hotels, resorts, travel agencies and other companies that provide services and / or products in the tourism sector;
  • Independent tourism investors;
  • Institutional investors of tourism;
  • Tourism institutions and enterprises, including their associations from Albania, the region, etc .;
  • Hotel associations and / or tourism industry associations or organizations;
  • Vocational tourism schools and training centers;
  • Culinary representatives from Albania & region, etc .;
  • Cultural & historical tourism;
  • Medical & dental tourism;
  • SPA & welfare;
  • Senior representatives from the tourism industry;
  • Coastal tourism, mountain tourism, agro tourism.


The participants of ITE days have decided to surprise the visitors with fantastic discounts during the three days for the touristic products of this summer season. If you are looking for a travel package for yourself, friends or family, you must be there, search around and find the most convenient deal for you. There’s almost no Covid restrictions around the world now, so it’s the best moment to take that flight and visit that place you have always dreamed of!



Environmental activists will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and advise industry stakeholders and the public on creating a better environment. This is your chance to share some great ideas you’ve been working on related to environment issues and protecting Mother Earth. Albania needs to go even more green and any help is needed. You will learn more about the new projects and can start a collaboration with the participating enterprises.


Even though we don’t want to reveal all about it yet, ITE days is going to be one of the most interactive fairs ever. Let’s start with the Albanian wine tasting for the wine lovers. ‘THE GUARDIAN’ wrote that: “a new generation of winemakers are digging deep into their native grape stock, with impressive results” and they were serious about it. There are qualitative Albanian wines that you need to discover and have in your table. The fair is the right place to do it.



Yes, we will!

Hiding behind your smartphone’s screen is not always an option. We are delighted to welcome our readers at Expocity and reveal to you our new projects. We would love to hear your feedback about our work so far and involve you throughout the way to promoting Albania to the world. Said between us, face to face is our favourite way of communication, so join us on 2nd to 4th of June and let’s have a talk!


ITE days will be welcoming everyone who wants to bring new ideas, raise questions and start discussions in order to take Albanian tourism industry to the next level. If you feel like you want to learn or share something with the rest of us, the International Tourism & Environment days should be on your calendar.