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12 tips and advices for the tourists in Albania

For a sustainable tourism in Albania

Bovilla Lake ©Alpventurer
Bovilla Lake ©Alpventurer

Given the high numbers of the tourists entering Albania through 2023, we should start to maximise our efforts for a better service in the tourism sector, even during the high season. One of the ways, is to be better tourists wherever we are around the country and require in direct and indirect means the best of what we could get, as well as behave as good as we can. Therefore,

If you are a tourist in Albania,  you can:

1.Respect Local Culture and Traditions: Learn about Albanian customs and traditions before your trip to show respect for the local culture.

2.Use Local Services: Opt for locally owned accommodations, restaurants, and tour operators to support the local economy. Choose authentic Albanian cuisine at local eateries to savor traditional flavors.

Kala Festival, Dhermi
Kala Festival, Dhermi

3.Travel Responsibly: Respect natural environments and wildlife. Follow the “leave no trace” principle when hiking or camping. Follow designated paths and trails to minimize environmental impact and stay safe.

4.Reduce Plastic Waste: Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it from larger containers or natural springs if possible, to reduce single-use plastic waste. Use a reusable shopping bag when buying souvenirs or groceries.

5.Support local artisans: Support fair trade initiatives and local artisans. Bargaining is common in local markets, but do it respectfully and reasonably. Don’t drive prices too low.

Albanian Names ©Kalaja e Tiranes
©Kalaja e Tiranes

6.Public Transportation: Use public transportation or shared taxis to reduce carbon emissions and support local transportation providers. Explore cities on foot or rent a bicycle for a more eco-friendly experience.

7.Stay Informed on Prices: Research and compare prices for accommodations, tours, and transportation in advance. Be cautious of unreasonably high prices and negotiate if necessary.

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8.Water and Energy Conservation: Conserve water and electricity in your accommodation by turning off lights, air conditioning, and faucets when not in use. Use eco-friendly toiletries and consider reusing towels to reduce laundry.

9.Support Sustainable Tourism Initiatives: Seek out eco-friendly and sustainable tourism options, such as eco-lodges and responsible tour operators. Participate in community-based tourism experiences to directly support local communities.

10.Leave Honest Reviews: Leave honest and constructive reviews on travel websites to help other tourists make informed choices. Provide feedback to businesses, both positive and negative, to encourage improvement.

Rafaelo Resort, Shengjin
Rafaelo Resort, Shengjin


11.Stay Informed About Local Regulations: Be aware of local rules and regulations, especially when visiting protected natural areas. Dispose of trash in designated bins and follow any signage.

12.Responsible Photography: Ask for permission before taking photos of people, especially in rural areas. Avoid using drones in sensitive or restricted areas.

By following these tips and advice, tourists can contribute to the sustainability of Albania’s tourism industry, enjoy exceptional service, and help maintain reasonable prices while having a memorable and culturally enriching experience in this beautiful Balkan country.

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