TOP 10 things to do in Pogradec

Lake, seagulls, bicycles, poetry… can a city get more romantic?

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Pogradec is the city of poetry.
Want to test it?
Spend a few summer days on the shores of its lake and under the breeze of the southeast winds, enjoy the dance of seagulls on the surface of the water, treat yourself with a fish dish in one of the many taverns, walk to Voloreka at dusk and try reading the poems of the legendary poet of the city, the master of love, Lasgush Poradeci. And after noticing the playful girls of the city casting seductive glances, tell us, did you become a poet or not?
I’m sure you will.


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Therefore, Pogradec should be a MUST in your journey through Albania.

You will easily spot its magic before you arrive there, as you gaze from Qafe Thana at Lake Ohrid and say, where was I before?! However, there are many other things to do in Pogradec.
Do not forget any of them:

1. Enjoy the National Park of Drilon

You can visit the park of Drilon, about 3 miles (4 km) from the city of Pogradec, with its pristine springs and stunning scenery. Alleys, wooden bridges, swans, ducks, and pigeons complete this fabulous scene. The rustling of tree branches, the chirping of birds, the clear water moving slowly toward the lake, the boats that seem to compete with swans and ducks, the cheerful voices of children running and playing on this green carpet, make Drilon a Albania’s most favorite tourist spots.


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2. Visit Pogradec Castle

The view that the highest part of the castle offers is extraordinary. Down the lake it blends sweetly with the city, while from behind, the greenery is the other side of the coin. Obviously, nature and history merge here. The earliest traces of habitation belong to the 5th century BC when it existed as an unfortified settlement. In the 4th century BC, it was equipped with protective walls and begins to serve as a small civic center whose inhabitants were mainly engaged in agriculture, fishing and various crafts.

3. Hike to Guri i Kamjes

Guri i Kamjes, a natural monument, is located near the village of Dardhe in Pogradec (not to be mistaken for the village of Dardhe in Korce), near the Lipova Pass, about 4800 ft (1,461 meters) above sea level. It represents an interesting form of relief in the shape of “a ship sailing on the high seas”. It is about 328 ft (100 m) long, about 260 ft (80 m) wide and about 230 ft (70 m) high. Its shape is related to the greater resistance of the conglomerates that make it up, compared to the clays that build the territory around it.


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4. Explore The Museum of Pogradec

The Museum of Pogradec is located in the center of this city and has 3 main pavilions dedicated to archeology, ethnography, and history. There you will find amongst others, two rare objects in their features, they are two helmets, the last developed type of Illyrian helmet and the rarest. Of these types, there are no more than 20-30 helmets. They were found in the village of Starove and in the village of Petrushe.

5. Enjoy the beach by Lake Ohrid

If you are a fan of quiet beaches, without many people, without much noise, surrounded by bars and restaurants, then the beach of Pogradec is for you. A pleasant promenade where you can enjoy the green park in the shade, but also the sand of the lake. A perfect place for family.

6. Visit Tushemisht and the statue of “Ollga”

“Ollga” is the main character of a very famous Albanian film entitled “The Lady from the City”. The 1976 film was shot in this village, so all Albanians have a special affection for this destination that is fresh in the summer season and you can enjoy some really good food.


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7. Read the most beautiful love poems

Not from Neruda nor from Pasternak, but from the poet with the highest sensitivity of feelings, the poet of the city, Lasgush Poradeci. You will find some English or other language translations of his poems, or ask an Albanian friend to translate them for you. You will understand why this city is eternally connected with the poet and the poet with the city. The monument of Lasgush Poradeci is located today on the promenade of the city and is specially set up overlooking the lake, as he looked at it every day.

8. Discover some art pieces

Visit the private gallery “Taso”. You are welcomed to visit the studio of the painter from Pogradec Anastas Kostandini -Taso. His paintings are appreciated and of high artistic quality. You can buy any of his paintings and mosaics. You can also visit “Icka”, the woodwork shop. Handicraft with an ancient tradition in Pogradec has its dignified representatives today.

9. Try the local fish dishes

Culinary is the strong point of Pogradec and if you come here you can not leave without trying the traditional Pogradec casserole of the Koran, but definitely the babushka. Pogradec is known for the Koran. And the Koran is a rare fish found nowhere else but in Lake Baikal, Russia.


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10. Bicycle riding

You will find bicycles everywhere in the city and you can rent them. Some of them are located by the lake promenade and have a good rental price. I suggest you drive up to Tushemisht to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the lake.