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Ismail Qemali holds a significant place in Albanian history as a pivotal figure in the country’s struggle for independence. Born on January 16, 1844, in Vlorë, Qemali played a crucial role in the Albanian national movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His efforts culminated in the historic event of November 28, 1912, when Ismail Qemali declared the independence of Albania in Vlorë, marking the birth of the modern Albanian state.

Qemali’s political career was characterized by his dedication to uniting Albanian-inhabited territories under a single, sovereign nation. He was a key figure in the League of Prizren, an organization formed in 1878 to advocate for the rights and territorial integrity of Albanian-populated regions. Qemali’s diplomatic skills and commitment to the cause earned him widespread respect, and his leadership became instrumental in the pursuit of national independence.

Ismail Qemali not only served as the head of the provisional government during the early days of Albania’s independence but also became the country’s first head of state. Despite facing numerous challenges and external pressures, Qemali laid the groundwork for the establishment of a sovereign Albanian state. His legacy endures as a symbol of Albania’s struggle for self-determination, and November 28 is celebrated annually as Independence Day in honor of the historic proclamation made by Ismail Qemali in Vlorë.