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Top Things to do in Belsh, Albania

Visit Belsh, the small picturesque town in central Albania


If you are looking for a picturesque destination, where you can have the wake-up coffee by the lake, at a near promenade with just a few people, if you want to spend a peaceful weekend away from the noisy cities and probably go for a walk up to the hills, allow me to suggest the small town of Belshi.

Yes, it is quite small but a very pleasant town lying by the lake with the same name and getting the best of it. Belsh is the center of historic Dumrea. Recently, taking advantage of urban requalification projects (still working on the desired elegance), it has changed the look with new spaces, which make you feel its magic to the touch.

Until recently, Belshi could never be called a city. However, it is now an enjoyable one, especially after the hotels, restaurants, and bars were built. Join us for a virtual tour and discover what are the best things to do there.

Things to do in Belsh

Explore the Lakes of Dumrea

Dumrea has 84 natural lakes, but you can be satisfied by visiting 2 or 3 of them like Belshi, Seferani, or Merhoja. Departures can be organized from the town of Belshi, and from there you can travel by car, bicycle or even on foot to visit some of the lakes. Take food with you to enjoy nature to the fullest and not be forced to return early.

Dumrea Lakes, Belsh
Dumrea Lakes, Belsh

Trekking, Boat Tour, Rowing, Fishing, Camping

Want to take a short boat ride on Lake Belsh? Yes, it is possible. For a very small fee. Have you taken your bike with you or will you rent one to explore the hills and lakes your way? Yes, that’s possible. Are you a professional explorer and prefer to walk and slowly enjoy the sunset in the evening? Everything is possible in Belsh. The terrain is easy for anyone who wants a weekend close to nature.

Bike Riding

There is now a narrow but nice bike track all around the lake. You can rent a bike and enjoy the entire perimeter of the lake which seems small but is enough to enjoy simple cycling without getting too tired, and enough to get hungry.

Get a taste of the local cuisine

Try traditional cuisine in the restaurants of the area, especially bugache, cake, olive oil, tea, and saffron brandy. The fish of Dumrea lakes is the main dish on your visit to Belsh. Fresh and tasty. This area is also known for the cultivation of saffron and this miraculous plant has already become part of the tables of the area. Also, prepare to buy and take with you because it is of very high quality.

Visit the village of Seferan

This village has a lake with the same name, around 1.5 miles (3 km) from the center of Belsh. Legends say that in Illyria this village was blessed by Aphrodite (Aferdita), so today you will find its statue by the lake. The locals believe that every year, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, daughter of Zeus, and Diana, the goddess of hunting, descended on Lake Seferan and selected the most beautiful boy in the area. As a sign of respect and gratitude, the inhabitants donated terracotta works to Aphrodite. When the lake dried up in 1974, due to the lack of rain and drought of that year, gifts were found to the goddess of love, which gave life to the legend. Today you will find a statue of her by the lake and small restaurants with traditional local food.

Seferan, Belsh
Seferan, Belsh

Accommodate in the area hostels

Book your accommodation in the hostels of the area for a full weekend, such as Guesthouse of Roses, hostel Dumrea Rubin, hostel of Ducks, etc. Their decor has a traditional approach and they often also offer food, so you will feel welcome and comfortable.

Ps: Belsh is only 40 minutes from Tirana, so a 1-day tour would be perfect to get to know the area.