7 most unique beaches in southern Albania

Southern Albania truly is โ€˜goalsโ€™, and these beaches will show you why

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The southern coast of Albania is a revealed treasure of beaches and the truth is that you can never get enough of them. The Ionian Sea with its blueness and clarity is home to many rocky beaches, each unique and welcoming in its own way, far or near the crowdy cities, offering every tourist the typology of the vacation he/she desires.

Here are 7 of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Albania, which you should not miss out if you visit the country in the summer season.

Potam Beach, Himare

Potam beach is located in the south of Himara, very close to the city center and can be easily reached on foot, no more than 20 minutes from the beautiful promenade of the city. The name ‘Potam’ comes from the Greek language and means ‘River’, and this explains the presence of cold springs that flow into the sea making the water very fresh and crystal clear. There are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby so you can enjoy the fresh sea food and have a cold beer whenever you want. One of the most interesting activities to do there is the speed-boating, for a good dose of adrenaline.


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Filikur Beach, Himare

There are several ways to get to Filikur beach, right after Potam. The simplest way is by speedboat, which leads to the destination in 5-6 minutes from Himara for no more than 50-60 USD (40-50 Euros).The traditional way is with the kayaks, you should go to Potam first and in about 20 minutes you can reach the other shore. The third and most challenging way is to walk across the hill above Filikur, to then descend carefully with a little difficulty, for those who have not done climbing before and are afraid of heights. What rewards you is the breathtaking view of the beach that you can see from the hill, and it’s absolutely stunning.


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Livadh, Himare

About 2 miles (3 km) in the north of Himara is the Livadh beach, of course full of restaurants and bars almost all along its coastline, but it also offers space for camping lovers. One of the most interesting things to mention about Livadh, besides the beautiful clear blue beaches, is the possibility to sail with canoes that cost around 3-6 USD (300 to 700 Albanian Lek) per hour,and you can visit the beach of the Aquarium for more privacy. You should definitely try the local pancakes, cooked with a special un-revealed recipes. They serve it with honey and white cheese and it is absolutely a breakfast must.


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Ksamil Beach, Ksamil

If you have ever been to the Greek island of Corfu, you have probably wondered what is that land beyond the sea that seems so close. Thatโ€™s Ksamil, located about 10 miles (17 km) from the city of Saranda. Its peculiarity is the mix of sandy and rocky beaches. The beach has four small islands that you can easily swim to and the sea is crystal clear. There are also bars and restaurants that offer mainly fish dishes and the destinationis very easy to reach even if you do not have a personal car because there are many bus lines that transfer tourists from Saranda to the beautiful Ksamil.

Grama Bay, Vlore

The main reason to visit Grama Bay is the quietness and the privacy away from the rest of the tourists. The best way to arrive there is by speedboat for about 30 minutes of sailing, starting from the beach of Dhermi. During the weekdays you will probably have the beach all for yourself, while on weekends many others will join your far away destination. Grama is known for its nearly 200-year-old inscriptions carved into the rock by immigrants and Italian soldiers who once landed on this shore and took refuge for several days. As soon as you get to the beach, you will see them on the right side of it.


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Lukove, Sarande

Lukova offers the most unique landscape if you are willing to discover the small bays under the rocks. The smooth rocky surfaces with a light pink and milky color are a remedy for the eyes. You have to walk a bit to discover them but it’s worth the effort for the treasureyou find and the joy of having a beach on your own. I suggest taking food with you so you wonโ€™t waste time with unnecessary walks looking for restaurants.
lukove bay

Drymades, Dhermi

The most interesting part of the trip to Drymades is the amazing view of the villages of Vuno and Dhermi, with the white houses and the honey-colored wooden windows, where it is worth making a stop and walking through those cobbled alleys. We recommend this beach for the comfort of a tent and the presence of the bars and restaurants around. It is actually the Ibiza of Albania because of the vivid nightlife and those famous foam parties people go crazy about. It also offers camping space among the shadow of the trees a few feet away from the shore. For sports fans, there are volleyball courts almost all over the beach.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever been in one of these beaches. If not, which one would you like to see one day?