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Things To Do In Tirana On Autumn 2022

Best attractions and events to attend

Laura Pergolizzi

As soon as September arrives and the weather gets fresher, Tirana becomes the best place to live and if you can’t live here, at least to visit. It can rain sometimes and it will feel like there’s no tomorrow, but guess what. The next day it will feel like it was all a bad dream and the sun will shine like never before. The rushing mornings at the corner coffeeshops, the sunny busy noons and the noisy evenings all around the city are just a notice that everyone is back home for another fresh start.

And if you don’t usually get busy at all, here’s some activities you can do in Tirana on Autumn 2022:

Enjoy a fresh hike to Mount Dajti

The beginning of Autumn will still grand you a green forest panorama, but you can take advantage of the fresh weather to hike for hours to Mount Dajti, take the cable car for a special view, enjoy a picnic at your favourite spot or have lunch at one of the restaurants at the top of the mountain. While by the mont of November, you will get to see the colours change, the leaves fall and the views get spectacular.


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Visit a museum in a rainy day

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to museums in Tirana. There are at least 7 of them that you must consider visiting on those days when staying in seems like a better choice than going out.

  1. National Historical Museum
  2. House of Leaves
  3. National Arts Gallery
  4. BunkArt 1 & 2
  5. Ismail Kadare house museum Tirana
  6. National Archaeological Museum
  7. Natural Sciences Museum of Albania
House of Leaves Museum, Tirana

Get some drama in a theatre

If you love dramatic arts and if you speak Albanian or at least understand a bit of it, a theatre play is just the thing for you. There are some options to choose between:

  1. National Theatre
  2. Experimental Theatre
  3. National Theatre of Opera and Ballet (NTOB)
  4. Tirana Cultural Centre (Metropol Theatre)
  5. National Theatre for Children (Puppet Theater)
  6. Comedy Theatre “Roland Trebicka”
“King Lir” by Shakespeare, Metropol Theatre

Watch a romantic movie at the cinema

Bring your family and friends to a romantic or even horror night at the cinema. The emotions will be priceless. You can find a cinema in Tirana at the shopping malls or at the centre of the city. Either way, your favourite movie will make you cry and those nachos will never be enough.

  1. Millenium Cinema
  2. Agimi” Movie Theatre
  3. Cineplexx Albania

Green Fest Albania – October 6-9

From October 6 to October 9th, a four-day event that gathers businesses and farmer from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. Under the slogan “Taste the local products” aims to promote local businesses of different regions. The fair will be placed at Skanderbeg square and everyone can visit and buy local products.

LP-LIVE IN Tirana – October 9

LP (Laura Pergolizzi) is a famous and successful pop singer/songwriter, known massively for the song LOST ON YOU. LP will be in Tirana for the first time and perform her hits at the stage on Mother Teresa square, on October 9th.

In 2012 she released her debut album INTO THE WILD and in 2015 she had another breakthrough with the album LOST ON YOU with the self-titled song, that still is a hit worldwide and the song MUDDY WATERS.

Laura Pergolizzi

The Tirana Marathon 2022 – October 23

The Tirana Marathon 2022 comes this year with its 6th edition as the biggest sports event in the city. This is also shown by the participation of 2500 runners from many different countries of the world. The increase in the number of participants over the years is a good indicator that this race has become beloved by the citizens of Tirana and beyond. The 6th edition of this activity, which has already become a tradition, is organized with the approval of three itineraries approved by the World Athletics Federation, giving it the seriousness of an international activity and with the support of the Albanian Athletics Federation.

Olive Oil Fest – October 29

The Olive Oil Fest is a local festival promoting agrotourism of the area. Ndroq is known for its Olive Oil Groves, producing the best quality of olive oil. The event will be held during last week of October.

Olive Oil Fest - October 29
Olive Oil Fest – October 29