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The Skanderbeg Castle in Rodon, the Cape that could have been a shipyard

Cape of Rodon, Durres, Albania

We set off towards Cape Rodoni, near Durrës, to discover Skanderbeg Castle by the sea.

Usually the forts of our national hero, built during the Ottoman occupation, were built on mountains and hills, at the height of eagles. This castle that we will discover today, in addition to being facing the Adriatic and washed by its waves, lies on the largest cape in Albania, a peninsula-shaped strip of land that enters the interior of the Adriatic Sea in Central Albania.

The road to the cape is recently built and is accessible by any type of car, however you must be careful in special places due to rain damage and landslides. We pass the guard beam, which advises us not to stay after the dusk, but to return while there’s still daylight.

In fact, as we learn more about the history of the castle we are impressed that Prince Karl Topia wanted to turn this place into a shipyard, while our national hero Skanderbeg aiming to have an imminent access to the sea constructed a castle here.

This fortress was built after the first siege of Kruja in 1450 and is said to have been completed around 1452. The wall of Rodon castle reached a length of 400 meters and had round towers on its roofs. While in 1500 the castle was conquered by Venice.

There is even more to learn about the history and mysteries of this country. Today, we do not find it complete. Time has done its job. Also salt water. As a result of the erosive activities of the sea waters, part of the walls have been submerged under the Adriatic waters.

However visitors can see the outer walls on the right side, which end with a round tower. Near the castle are the ruins of St. Peter’s Church, which are considered by the inhabitants as a holy place.

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