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Sotira, Gjirokaster, a pearl of the south through history and nature [Jun 2024]

Walks, cycling, horse riding and other relaxing activities

Sotire, Gjirokaster, Albania
Sotira village is located at the exit of Gjirokastra and straight to Kakavia customs, at the end of the state border. It is part of the Municipality of Dropull. It is an important ecological village and with a rich but unexploited terrain, which offers incentives for a special way of vacation and entertainment as well as many natural activities in all seasons of the year.
Sotire, Gjirokaster
Photo: Morena Tervoli
The visitor can take all kinds of walks, cycling, horse riding and in order to enjoy the curiosities and natural monuments such as the “Fir of Sotira” which are numerous and amazing and considered as pearls of Albanian nature.
Hydrographic, eco-tourism, cultural wealth increase the values of the village as they also have scientific values. Around Sotira there are six picturesque villages such as Krioneri, Selio, Llongo, Koshovica and Lovina, which add their tourist value with organic products.


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The relief contains unique natural phenomena, such as those of the world, the wild ones untouched that is offered for experiences from the easiest to the most difficult ones, such as snowshoeing, climbing in deep gorges, and steep peaks requiring physical training and special mountaineering equipment. The summer season also features a gentle nature with fragrant meadows, endless greenery of spruce and alpine plateaus, crystal clear springs, with a wide range of paths that allow the development of natural activities, where the visitor can try ways to new lifestyle.


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It is an interesting destination for those who are interested in photography, culture and history, because around it are three cultural monuments of the first category, such as the ruins of the castle of Selos, the Temple of the Church of St. Thanas in Selo and the Church of the Monastery of Koshovica It is also an ideal place for camping and social activities. Its location away from the national road makes it a quiet place. There are natural tourist resources, such as the natural monument “Fir i Sotira” and around it natural monuments such as “Rrapi i Koshovica”, “Rrepet e Mullirit të Selos”, “Rapi i Selos”.
What you will surely notice in the residential center, are the old buildings. It is a village created from the end of the Byzantine period with special architecture. The cobbled streets and surrounding walls of the courtyards give the appearance of a maze.
Sotira is located 12 km from the national road, 25 km from the city of Gjirokastra and 123 km from the capital Tirana and its airport. Once you arrive in Gjirokastra, you can travel to it in your personal car or ask for public transport which operates in the morning.