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Meet Valter Zhara, the marketer revealing best tricks for professional nature photography [Jun 2024]

His location suggestions for the most amazing views

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It’s hard to find a picture of him as he is always behind the camera, but you have probably seen his photographs around the social media and various digital platforms. Sunrises, sunsets, resting birds and bubbly waterfalls of all kinds are part of his collection. He is often looking for the next place in Albania to shoot his favourite landscapes and is generous enough to share those views with everyone. In this interview we’ll try to reveal some of his working habits, photo tricks and best places for the most amazing views.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Meet Valter Zhara!

Photo Valter Zhara

1. Everyone knows you as the photographer of nature, of the beautiful creatures of the sky and the sweet sunsets, but who is Valter beyond photography?

Valter is a marketer in the field of telecommunications where he spends most of his time inside the office, in front of the computer analyzing data or in meetings! I believe the lack of nature in a large part of the time requires this balance! And I believe that this in itself has been an impetus to explore or photograph beauty!

2. Your photos have traveled the globe through various digital platforms, how much fun and how much benefit is there in this journey?

Almost no material gain but very emotional one and I believe this is what I am looking for in the photography. A small part of the photos have been published on Pexels where they can be downloaded for free! I also won a second prize in the Adrenaline contest!
Here or on the BBC website in a competition for more thematic “New Beginning”

3. How would you consider your photography style?

Nature, macro and micro, photographer of panoramas and the infinity of space but also of the beautiful details that fill this space! This is also my goal!

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4. Where in Albania would you never get tired of photographing?

The nature of Albania gives you many opportunities, I would like to photograph from the top of every mountain but also from the horizon to capture beautiful sunsets.

5. Sometimes you take photographs of different cities, which ones do you think look best through the lens?

It often happens to me to photograph Tirana from the hills of Sauk, but I also really like Korça from the Morava mountain! In these photos, the 300 mm telescopic lens also helps me for more details in the distance!

6. Which photo is more tedious to take?

For me catching the morning light in a distant destination! You practically have to do camping to achieve this goal!

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7. Landscape or portrait?

Landscape at the moment, but experimenting with other genres of photography, lately I have focused a bit on black and white! Not yet with portraits! I consider photography as a journey or as an exploration in its endless genres!

8. Photo with drone, cell phone or camera? Which one do you prefer?

Definitely with the camera, but also the photos of the mobile phone are needed to capture emotional moments when you do not have the camera! Very important is the lens used in the photos in order to capture the view as well as possible!

9. In your opinion, what is the best mobile phone for taking photos in nature? 

I use Iphone pro max with 3 lenses! I would suggest a cell phone that had 3 lenses as it gives more possibilities in photography!

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10. By photographing, you travel to different destinations, what are the 3 places where you always return for food, comfort and relaxation?

Lepushe in the Albanian Alps, the beauty of the mountain landscape with food and hospitality are very well intertwined! I also really like the area of Shebenik National Park and its glacial lakes.

11. If a newlywed couple wants to take a set of outdoor photos, which place would you suggest?

The perfect time is the month of May or June, I would suggest landscapes where there are blossomed flowers and snowy mountains in the background! I believe I would suggest a photo set in the North of Albania, for example Kelmend.

12. You are often in pursuit of bird shots in forests, lakes or lagoons. What is the best place to see birds of different species?

Kune Vain Lagoon, that of Narta and in Karavasta, I have the impression that Kune Vain Lagoon is more suitable as you are closer to the birds.

Valter zhara, Albania360

13. The most beautiful birds you have ever photographed?

I went out for wildlife photography several times and I used my 300mm lens, which is the minimum to have perfection in this genre of photography. It’s exciting as you have to wait from moment to moment to spot rare birds and see how they interact in their habitat! Flamingos and Curly Pelicans are truly magnificent!

14. Where do you usually go to take your first spring photos?

I really like waterfalls in spring, they are more magnificent than in any other period!

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15. What about winter?

The first snow in the mountains near Tirana, such as Mali me Gropa, I like that it captures 2 seasons in the photo, end of autumn and beginning of winter!

16. What are the lakes you visit often and always enjoy a different view?

Frozen lakes, such as Liqeni i Lepurit in January or Biza in winter or spring

17. What is your dream as a photographer? To photograph which place or object?

As a photographer I do not want to lose my passion for beauty and nature. I usually motivate myself by saying that the best photography is the one I will do tomorrow!
The base camp in the Himalayas is intriguing me lately!

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