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Meet Dajana Reci, a student in love with hitchhiking and camping around Albania [Jun 2024]

Her favourite destinations and sunrise spots

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Promoting traveling, means also encouraging people of any age to appreciate more the outdoor activities for a healthier life. Students, despite the long hours of classes and study, are not excluded. They should be more in touch with the nature, the cultures and different lifestyles.

A great example to follow is our next guest, Dajana Reci, who is a regular camper and hitchhiker within and out of Albania. She’s been climbing mounts such as Korabi in Albania and Mont Blanc in Western Europe and is looking forward to her future adventures that always include a cup of warm tea, watching the sunrise after a long night of camping in the mountains.

We love what she does and would encourage you, student or not, to consider planning healthier weekends exploring villages, mounts, waterfalls and culture diversity around Albania.

Ladies and gentlemen, 

meet Dajana!

puke blue hour
Puke, Albania
  1. 1. I can read peace and calmness in your photographs. What makes you bring such vibes to the camera?

Nature indeed. I feel so calm while I travel. And capturing that moment with my camera feels natural. I also try to edit photos with that moody look, I think that fits my style.

  1. Do you work while traveling or you go totally off?

I rarely work while I’m travelling. In this way I get to see the full potential of the place I’m visiting.

  1. Where’s the first place you take your foreign friends when they come to Albania?

Hmm, I’d think it depends on their preferences. Theth if they are mountain people and Borsh if they like the calmness of the sea and sunsets.

above theth
Theth, Albania
  1. You do a lot of hiking to capture some incredible views. Can you describe some of your feelings & thoughts while hiking around Albania?

Hiking around Albania feels wilder than other hiking trips I’ve taken abroad. The nature is untouched, people are welcoming and really warm. The views are incredible, especially the sunrises. Hitchhiking also is really easy and you get to know so many people with their stories that I still remember.

  1. What is your favorite waterfall in Albania?

I haven’t seen all of them yet, but the last one I visited was absolutely amazing, Skllapi Waterfall in Selcë is no.1 on my list so far.

ujevara skllapit
Skllapi waterfall, Selce, Albania
  1. If you were a mayor of a city, which one would you like it to be?

I think I’d be the mayor of my own city, Rrëshen. I would organize bike tours, hiking groups and would plant a lot of flowers. Rrëshen would be my dream flower city.

  1. If I’d give you a 2000-euro budget to spend in a week. Where would you go and what would you do?

I usually spend so less while I travel in Albania so that would be enough money for me for 6 months. However, I would probably rent a car and travel through the region of Përmet. I would go hiking, camping, kayaking, explore the canyons and most of all, enjoy the traditional food there, it’s so delicious.

qafe thore
Qafe Thore, Albania
  1. Which is your favorite Albanian dance and how did you learn it?

As a girl from the north, we used to dance Vallja e Tropojës on every wedding. That song got me into dancing. 

  1. What’s the dish that you only love when your mother cooks it?

Oh, there are so many, I cannot choose one! But I really love the stuffed pepper my mom does, they are finger-licking.

  1. What’s the activity/sport you mostly do in your travels?

Most of the time I hike in the mountains, where I also camp. I really enjoy the camping lifestyle. Then I might try kayaking or just sightseeing in cities. 

tershene kukes
Tershene, Kukes, Albania
  1. Which mountains have you already climbed and which ones are still waiting?

Albania has actually so many mountains and I’ve done a lot, but my favourites include Radohima Peak, Zla Kolata, Valamara and Qorra Peak. I also did a part of the Mont Blanc tour, which offered some “Himalayan” views. What’s next on the list? Jezerca peak, Korabi, Swiss Alps and Dolomites.

  1. Do you have a favourite village where you find good food, good views and good welcoming?

Theth is my absolutely loving village. It has so much to offer and I always explore new areas and learn new stories about this village every time I visit.

Theth, Albania
  1. What are your five main items you always have in your travel backpack?

I usually pack my most essentials as it is crucial to be as lightweight as possible. My 5 main things would be my sunscreen, food& water, my camera, extra clothes and a map or a planning list.

  1. What’s the craziest (most dangerous) thing you’ve done while traveling?

Well, it dates back in 2019 when I just started hiking so I had very little knowledge at the time. In Goreme, Turkey together with my partner, we decided to cross through Pasaba Valley and Red Rose Valley, but we ended up climbing in a very sandy mountain where we got lost with no water. It took us some time to find the way back home safely.

  1. What inspires you most, sunrises or sunsets?

Definitely sunrises, especially in the mountains. Getting a hot cup of tea while the first rays of sun are touching your skin in the morning feels magical.

mornig tea dawn time

  1. By the sea or in the mountains?

Mountain girl! Always.

  1. The song that represents your travelling mood?

“Kenge lirike, malli per vendlindjen” . I just feel at peace with this song. 

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Safe travels! 🙂