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Karpen, Kavaje, the underestimated village with palms and wooden bridges [Jun 2024]

Public and private beaches and perfect for campers

Karpen, Kavaje
Karpen, Kavaje - Photo credits @hanaalic7

60 km from Tirana, you will find this beach almost untouched on the coastline of Kavaja.

Karpen beach, It is typical of the Adriatic Sea, a sandy beach similar to that of Durres or Velipoja, but not so visited by tourists.

On the coast of Karpen begins the wonder of the beaches of Kavaja with a coastline of 30 km. From the virgin Karpen, on a clear day, you can see the high-rise buildings on the opposite shores, from DurrΓ«s to Golem.

With Karpen appears the miracle of the beaches of CentralAlbania, which in terms of beauty are comparable to the beaches of the Albanian Riviera. As in rarely other places in Albania, the bunkers are where they were built decades ago and construction is very limited.


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Meanwhile, military tunnels that have become part of the tourist infrastructure stand out. Wooden villas for vacationers have been erected above these tunnels. Military facilities have become fully operational for the curiosity of visitors.


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