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Horses freely roaming the mountains of Albania, videos break the internet

Where to easily find them

Horses in Kukes, Albania, Photo Credits: Afrim Tahiraj
Horses in Kukes, Albania, Photo Credits: Afrim Tahiraj

If you are in Instagram or TikTok,  recently you must have noticed a few videos of beautiful horses running free in the Albanian mountains. It almost feels unreal as the nature seems untouched and the horses seem untamed. These videos were taken by Afrim Tahiraj, a traveler and photographer who’s well known in Albania for his unique photography at the Trail of Colours.

The video is enchanting, but imagine being there yourself and witnessing this pure beauty in person.    The place you need to go is called “Shtegu i Ngjyrave” (Trail of Colours) and it is located in the northern part of Albania. You will find the horses near the village of Shishtavec, Kukes. This destination is suggested to be visited in the first weeks of spring, for the greenery, the flowers and of course for the moment when the horses are released in the wild.

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You might question: Are these totally wild horses?

The answer is they are half wild as the villagers take care of them during the winter, while the snow covers all the highlands. At the beginning of spring, they let the horses roam free as they can easily feed themselves and also enjoy the freedom of running wild in their habitat. They can also find their way back to the stables once they need shelter.

Horses in Kukes, Albania, Photo Credits: Afrim Tahiraj

You can watch more videos of Afrim Tahiraj at Shtegu in Ngjyrave at his Instagram page, as well as book a group trip with him to this incredible destination.