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Tamare, Shkoder: A Serene Escape to the Albanian Countryside

Discovering the Beauty and Timeless Traditions of Tamare Village

If someone talks to you about something called Tamara/Tamare, you will probably think of a pretty, young, and certainly European girl. In fact, in Albania, there are currently only 56 women who have this name, so it is obviously not a common name. What comes to mind in fact, if you once visited the Shkodra area, is this small village in the Alps, which has the beauty, freshness and charm of a young girl. A visit there will refresh your eyes with greenery, your lungs with fresh air, and your soul with peace.
Tamare, Shkoder: A Serene Escape to the Albanian Countryside

Tamare is considered one of the pearls of the Albanian Alps. It is the center of the administrative unit of Kelmendi since 1935, it is the connecting point with the tourist villages of Lepushe and Vermoshi in the Alps, but after the reconstruction three years ago, it has become a separate tourist destination. It has already taken the form of a host destination.


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Cobblestone streets, alpine-style clad buildings, and a cobblestone promenade that descends into the Cem River, combined with the area’s fresh and traditional food, are what impress visitors. Today, Tamara has a new promenade, spreads over 54,000 square feet (5,000 square meters) along the river Cem, the roofs have been reconstructed and the facades of the buildings in the center have been resurfaced, as well as the planting of trees around the promenade. Road infrastructure has narrowed the time distance from Shkodra to Tamara, to then continue to Lepushe, Vermosh or Plave and Guci in the territory of Montenegro.
In Tamare you will already find two hotels with a capacity of 10 and 13 beds, while the increase in the number of visitors made 2 hotels and 5 inns to be under construction, which will surely be ready very soon. The story of the name Tamara is special. There is no way not to relate to a woman in fact. The village itself took its name from the Tamare bridge and the bridge itself took its name from Tamara, the wife of the Vizier of Shkodra, with whose funds a new bridge over the Vukli Cem was built in the second half of the 18th century.
In 1945 the village had 19 farms with 116 inhabitants, with 22 acres. While today, there are about 500 people living there. In fact, not a big difference. The main reason for a long time has been the lack of infrastructure, so this place is today a typical tourist destination untouched by many tourists. Those inhabitants who already live there, have come from Selca, Vukli, Broja, Kozhnja, etc. nearby mountain villages in the northernmost area of Albania.

There is something else you can not neglect in Tamara.


Try the typical fish dishes in the restaurants.

Directly from the clean and fresh waters of the Alps. You will feel a real taste of fish.

And if you have the desire and patience, wonderful trout can be hunted in Cem. To explore further, continue your journey to the Tamara Caves.

The most famous ones are Nenfateshe, Bunet e Macurkut, Lugjet e Bardhit, etc., They are very ancient and belong to the prehistoric time of Arber. The most touristic cave so far is that of Malqe Grada with a length of about 1000 ft (310 m).


So much to see in a small place. It’s my favorite kind of destination. In one day, you can explore nature, learn the history of the place, go fishing, enjoy local dishes and discover the secrets of the caves.

I’m ready for this trip.

What about you?