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15 Best places to watch the sunset in Albania [Jun 2024]

Not only by the sea

aperol spritz in sunset

A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.

Have you ever seen it like that?

I’m sure this quote will make you pay a little bit more attention to this magical part of the day, the moment when we get ready to leave the daily worries behind, and look forward for the calmness of the night, the peaceful evenings at home, the chilling bars to grab a glass of wine or the loveliest moments with the family, anywhere.

If you are wondering where to watch the best sunsets while you’re in Albania, here’s 15 suggestions of ours to make your travels even more spectacular:

  1. By the Lake, Tirana

Make sure to choose the right spot when you decide to sit and wait for the sunset at the Grand Park of Tirana. The sunset lovers will for sure know how to trace one. You can chill in the grass, by a tree, or you can sit in a bar and order your favourite drink. Either way, the warmiest sunset will take you to a peaceful dimension, you will be thankful for.

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2. Petrela Castle, Tirana

Up the hill for a better view. Have a look of Tirana surroundings left and right and you will understand why those people build exactly a castle on that spot. Don’t leave by afternoon but be patient for the sunset. If you didn’t bring a painting pallet with you, paint those colours in your memory.

3. Sphinx, Durres

No seasons excluded. Each of them brings new colours to the sky and most importantly, accompanied by the sound of the waves in Vollga. This modern Sphinx mimics the one in Egypt, but I can assure you, the sunset you will enjoy here, is totally authentic.

4. Karpen, Durres

While you are having your dinner by the sea, or while you are relaxing at the sand in the end of a Friday, Karpen will remind you why summer is the best season ever. Embrace those red velvet shades at the horizon and raise a glass for you are so lucky to be there.

5. Castle of Kruja

They have set up an wooden bench for you to enjoy the best end of a day, while you are on a historical and cultural visit in Kruja. The city itself will give you the best explanation why during the XIII and XIV centuries was the center of the State of Arber, the best location to look East and West, for the very best.

6. Rozafa Castle, Shkoder

The sunset will reflect its face on the waters of Buna river and it will create a light show over the walls of the old castle. It is the best moment to settle your spot by the fort and enjoy the colours. You can also enter the bar within the castle, where there’s a special room decorated with traditional furniture.

Sunset in Rozafa castle, Shkoder, Albania

7. Shengjini Beach, Lezhe

Whether you go to Rana e Hedhun to catch that ‘giant orange like’ sun, or along the rest of Shengjini Beach, you won’t miss a thing. During the beggining of June the best place to enjoy the sunset is participating UNUM, an open air festival, which will give rhythm to every start and end of the day.

8. Patoku Lagoon, Lezhe

The magnificent landscape in Patoku Lagoon makes you think that some places seem to have been created especially to strengthen our belief that “Paradise” exists. A walk on the wooden bridge over the lagoon, watching the sunset, will be your best walk of the way.

9. Lake Ohrid, Pogradec

We have already considered Pogradec as one of the most romantic cities in Albania, and walking by the lake when the sun goes down is one of the reasons. You don’t want to miss Drilon too, where you can enjoy a boat ride while the skies get fiery.

boat in a lake,

10. Lungomare, Vlora

My aperol spritz kind of sunset fits perfect in any bar of Lungomare, where the golden hour becomes happy hour. Don’t miss this moment for anything else. Vlora is the place where the day is long and the night is young, and in between, the sunset in unforgettable.

aperol spritz in sunset

11. Kanina Village, Vlora

When hiking to the castle of Kanina, at an altitude of 350-400m, plan a good stay during the sunset, for you will know the true potential of the heights of the hills, the depths of the seas and the greatness of the sun. You can also plan parachuting during the day, because the spot is perfect to enjoy Vlora from above.

12. Panorama, Llogara

You will have to stop for a while at this spot while going towards the south of Albania. The name explains itself, for you will enjoy a marvellous view any time of the day, sunrise or sunset. The colours of Ionian Sea at their best.

13. Himara Castle, Himara

While the city is becoming more joyful every year, with a notable taste of Greece, hiking to Himara castle will break any cultural difference, for the sky belong to all. You will get a good view of the beaches, the boats, the kayakers and for sure of the colourful horizon.

14. Ksamil, Saranda

The sunset in Ksamil falls over 3 islands longing for this magical hour. You will love the transformation this place gets once is night and welcomes all the party lovers.

15. Lekuresi Castle, Saranda

Don’t settle down for a normal bar in the city, but visit the castle of Lekures to enjoy your drink with a view. The castle is on a strategic hill point overlooking the town of Saranda, southeast of the town centre. From here one can control the whole town as well as the islands of Ksamil. All that remains of the castle are its ancient walls, but a small restaurant located inside has converted a part of the ruins into a restaurant terrace.

Sunset view of courtyard of Lekuresi castle at Sarande Albania photo via Depositphotos
Sunset view of courtyard of Lekuresi castle at Sarande, Albania

And while you’re thinking which of these places would be perfect for you, don’t forget what Paulo Coelho said: “Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies…”.