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12 attractions you can find in the Castle of Elbasan

If you are planning to visit the city of Elbasan soon, then this informative article is for you.

Certainly, you can’t miss the presence of the 2000-year-old castle that has given shape to the whole city in Central Albania. The castle of Elbasan belongs to the Roman period, the construction of which began in the 3rd century BC. Its function was a military castle, where it is thought to have housed a legion that served to secure control of Egnatia Road, which at this time was also the most important artery of the Roman Empire.

‘Via Egnatia’  went through this fortress of the city, through Elbasan Castle!


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Here are the 12 attractions you should know that you can find within the territory of the castle:

1. Clock Tower – Cultural Monument of Category 1

2. Church of the Saint Mary- Category 1 Cultural Monument

3. King Mosque -Cultural Monument of the First Category

4. Old Hammam – Category I Cultural Monument

5. “Kostandin Kristoforidhi” school and the grave near it – Cultural Monument of Category 1

6. Museum House “Kosandin Kristoforidhi” – Cultural Monument of Category 1

7. Residence of Papnikoll Papajani Staff – Cultural Monument of Category 1

8. Elena Papajani’s apartment – Cultural Monument of Category 1

9. Iqbale Bumci Residence – Cultural Monument of Category 1

10. Prison and its cells – Category 2 Cultural Monument

11. Former War Museum (Rr.Janaq Kilica) – Cultural Monument of Category 2

12. 2-story building next to the walls of the Castle (Rr. Rinia) – Cultural Monument of Category 1

But that is not all. In addition to historical attractions, in this castle, you will already find a restaurant and coffee bar, where you can relax and talk to your friends about this special visit to the city.