The Bazaar of Kruja – A walk in the 15th century

Enter through a 500 year historic timelapse

The Bazaar of Kruja

At a first glance, as you get out of the vehicle and take a look, Kruja looks like a small town where the seasons wait and follow each other with laziness. It will only take a few minutes, as you enter the historic city center, to completely change your mind. You have entered the old bazaar and it seems as if you are being transfered to an earlier century.

Kruja Bazaar is an complex treasure that preserves indisputable historical-architectural values, which lies on both sides of the cobbled road that leads to the city castle, the castle of Kruja. It is otherwise known by the locals as the Derexhik Bazaar. This bazaar has been functioning since the time of Skanderbeg in the 15th century, when his shops reached as far as the entrance of the castle.

The shops have wooden walls, ceilings and shutters. This is also the main tourist area of ​​the city located in its center on the road that leads to the castle. In its wooden shops, various crafts such as copper equipment, embroidery, weapon makers, etc. were once grouped. In addition to the classic fridge magnets, you can make interesting craft purchases there, such as household items, jewelry, tablecloths and carpets, many of which are handmade (in some stores you can also see the processing of fabrics in the frame) .

What stands out most in this Bazaar as you enter it are the “qeleshe” or as they are called “plisi“, which are known as one of the traditional Albanian handcraft products, where despite the changes in the way of dressing, it continues to be used in different cases. It is mostly used in the case of festivities, family celebrations such as weddings, celebrations and artistic activities by Albanian men.

Go on and explore every corner of it. You can even be present as the ladies from Kruja work on the loom with folk motifs. Get something from the bazaar not only to remember this historic place, but also to have Albania with you on your way home.