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Visit the church where it is carved the whole story from the “Old Testament” [Jun 2024]

Church of Mary, Labovë e Sipërme

Labova e kryqit 6

It is not a church like all the others, it is ancient with many enigmas and it is thought to have been built on a Pelasgiansite.

Scholars from all over the world get tired of dismantling our church of St. Mary, it is magic, a living legend but difficult to dismantle. In the iconostasis carved in wood and painted with gold is the whole story from the “Old Testament” of the Bible.

From the outside, the building presents an architecture of the most typical Byzantine way, with a high central dome with oil arranged and reinforced with buttress. A later built narthex is located at the main entrance.


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The Church of St. Mary is a living relic that has resisted all centuries.

Another cultural treasure is the church of St. Julita in the Monastery of Dhuvjan. There are 32 churches and 4 monasteries in the whole territory of Labova village. The monastery of Saint Thomas with Pelasgian stones is located in Moni, the monastery of Koçi in Lunxhatet, the monastery of Saint George and the monastery of Shënkolli, or as it is also called Poseidon.

When it comes from Libohova we have the church Mat then on the shore of Qishamot is the church of Saint Kolli and the village has 4 churches of Saint Kolli. We continue to walk further, in the cave of Kokoshi is the church of St. Constantine, in the middle of the village the big church of St. Mary, then the church of Jani which is also called Justinian, the church of Lis i Madh, the church of the cross after school, the church e Gulajve, the monastery of St. George, an old ruin located near a rare centuries-old tree that the locals call “vënjë”, located on the bare slopes of Mount Bureto, opposite the villages of Stegopullot, Suha and Selca beyond Suha river.


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So, when you visit Gjirokastra, list in your list this unique church, to explore it up close and get in your memory a piece of history