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Discover “Logu i Bjeshkeve”

The beauty contest of the Northern Albania girls

Lepusha does not only satisfy you with its natural beauties.

She invites you to a party: “Logu i Bjeshkeve”.


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One of the activities, which takes place every year on the second Saturday of August in the village of Lepushe of Kelmendi, in ‘Qafe i Perdelecit’, is the “Logu i Bjeshkeve” (St. Prenda), where girls exhibit traditional national costumes of the Kelmendi area and the Great Highlands.

The history of “Logu i Bjeshkeve”  is inherited from generation to generation.


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Once upon a time people formally and disorganizedly expressed their sympathy for one of the girls or brides of the village, appreciating her by her graces. She was personified as well dressed, clean and healthy. This appraisal was made at the moment she was seen on the way to the village fountain or SundaySunday Church ceremonies. She became a symbol of beauty and everyone tried to imitate her in the way she dressed, behaved, walked, sang.


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Many Kelmendi immigrants to the United States, Canada and England take part in this activity. This celebration with the dress, with the characteristic jubilee, the combing of the hair of women with ‘zulufe’ released leads far back in centuries to an almost pagan tradition of the matriarchy period, when women were valued more and occupied a deserved place in society.


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But, unfortunately, the reality is different, the girls who compete in beauty there, come from Italy, from America, from Belgium, are the emancipated daughters of immigrants, while those who are there, are locked inside, are engaged or married!