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Meet Kejsi Blaceri, a traveler that reminds you that girl from your favourite romantic novel

A girl raised by the lake, just like the swans, shares her discoveries around Albania

Once I heard someone saying that the girls who grow up by the lake or by the sea are the prettiest. Probably the tranquility of the lake or the beauty of the sea cultivates in them a kind of charm, gives them the right amount of softness and femininity that a girl needs. And if you don’t agree with that, I am sure you approve the fact that short trips or picnics at a young age, can make a child grow up with the need to connect with nature and seek new views for personal enjoyment. That’s the case of our next interviewed traveler.Β 

She was born in a city by the lake, she grew up having picnics by the river, and she loves spending the night by the sea. Meanwhile, as a professional instagrammer as she is, she likes to share with her followers her trips up in the mounts and down by the sea, with a special sense of melancholia and romanticism. She brings me in mind the paintings of Claude Monet or the books of Gustave Flaubert. Do you feel the same?

It might be her lovely long hair, it might be her appealing eyes, it might be her charm.. whatever it is, we love to see her adventures and that’s why she is our next guest on blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kejsi Blaceri!

1. What’s your favourite travel childhood memory?

I grew up in a family that loved picnics more than traveling. We organised picnics every 2-3 months together with our close cousins and went at a green field, near a river. That was our tradition.

But, whenever ‘traveling’ comes to my mind, I remember a loving memory of traveling by train. I loved seeing things from a different angle, various villages and cities while we passed through, the tranquility of nature and the hypnotizing sound that the train used to make. I kept asking my mother for our next train-trip.

2. You have grown up to become a beautiful lady and travel so much around the country. What has surprised you the most about yourself during this journey?

I didn’t know how much I enjoyed hiking, till I tried it. Getting far away from the noisy cities and getting close with nature is the best gift someone can give to oneself.

3. What is that specific place in Albania where you would live for the rest of your life?

This one is easy πŸ˜€ I could live in Pogradec, a small town located on the shores of the Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe.

Kejsi Blaceri Travel with Kejsi
4. What is the strangest place you have ever spent the night?

Safety first. I don’t like to go at places that are strange πŸ˜€

But my favourite thing to do in summer, is sleep by the seaside and wait for the sun to rise. For me, it’s the real sense of the enjoyment. The Peace that calmness brings.

5. The best Albanian compliment you have heard during your travels?

‘Bless you who are still young to explore all the beauties Albania has to offer’- An old man said this to me while we stopped for resting at his village.

6. Your favorite Albanian musician to listen to in a road trip?

I remember one time when I obsessed over 200 days- cover by Pier Noshi. I kept replaying it over and over again :”D I ‘almost’ felt bad for my friends who had to listen to that song repeatedly πŸ˜€

Kejsi Blaceri Travel with Kejsi
7. Which is the Albanian dance that should definitely be danced at your wedding?

Without any doubt, if would be Pogonishte :”D

8. Which is the Albanian city where you would like to become mayor for at least 1 term?

At my hometown, of course, Pogradec.

9. Do you read books while traveling? If yes, mention one you have read recently.

No, I don’t take my books with me while traveling. I want to give my fullest attention to nature.

Kejsi Blaceri Travel with Kejsi
10. Have you made good friends during travels?

That’s the best thing about traveling. You meet lots of people, foreigners or not and create a special bond, because of the same interest: The love for nature.

11. How much money do you need for your dream trip? Give me a number.

I have several dream trips, but if you asked for one, that’s what you’re gonna get πŸ˜€ I plan to visit the Swiss alps (hopefully soon). About the cost of the trip: Whatever the cost, I’m going πŸ˜€

12. How many photos are there on your mobile phone at the moment? If I do not have a professional camera, what is the best type of phone I should use for good shooting?

I don’t own a professional camera at the time and I’ve shot with different smartphones through all this time. At the moment, I’m using an iphone.

But, I think that the key of a taking a good photo, is not the latest and the most expensive tool but the perfect spot and the right timing.

As for the number of photos/videos on my phone, for now, I have approximately 4600.

13. Do you consider yourself a traveler or tourist?

It depends. While going on a trip in nature, I feel as a traveler.

But when I travel abroad and visit cities, I feel more like a tourist.

14. Take lots of small trips or one long trip?

I have to maintain a balance in my life, that’s why I travel at weekends, work during the week and repeat.

15. Go camping or stay in a hotel?

Camping has it’s pros and cons. But of course it’s better to sleep under a thousand stars sky than at a 5-stars hotel.

16. Travel light or with a lot of luggage?Β 

Again, it depends on the trip. If I’m planning my summer holidays, i tend to take lots of stuff with me. But, If I’m planning a short trip, or a 1-day trip, then traveling light sounds better.

17. Give me a reason why one should visit Albania.

The thing is, there can’t be only one reason why someone should visit Albania. There are lots of good reasons. I’m gonna briefly mention some of them:


-Our ancient castles and attractions, museums and art galleries.

-Our culture: tradition, food, hospitality.

-Our nature: the albanian riviera, mountains, rivers, green fields, forests, waterfalls, natural reserves, islands. And the best part is that nature still exists pristine with free animals and wandering horses.

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Safe travels! πŸ™‚