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Meet Anxhi Celiku: the travel vlogger promoting Albania and Kosovo at its best

That girl with a bike that never stops traveling

Do you love travel vloggers as much as we do?
Do you wish to do the same full or part-time job and be forever free, far from the office, far from the traffic, far from the noise?

Well, we are about to introduce you to someone who at least is going to inspire you to plan a weekend escape. She is vlogging around Albania and promoting the country for the last couple of years. She is always revealing new stays and accommodations and suggesting the best ways to reach a destination.

You will see her on a bicycle, on a motorbike, or in a car. You will see her parachuting, skiing, climbing, biking, but mostly hiking and showing you the best of Albanian and Kosovo’s nature. She’s inspiring not only to every girl dreaming to travel, but to everyone who has an adventurous soul.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Meet Anxhi Çeliku!

1. You’ve been an inspiration to so many people and doing a great work promoting Albania during the last few years. What inspired you to start this journey?

Nature, being outdoors and loving sports this have been always my inspiration. I love challenges and being out of my comfort zone.

2. Who is your best supporter or the one that encouraged you to travel?

My friends have been a great encouragement.

3. Ideal place in Albania to throw your wedding party? What about honey moon?

Well, I haven’t thought about it yet😆 definitely a valley with many flowers and mountain views.

4. The strangest Albanian superstition in your opinion?

Black cat 🧐

5.Your favourite mountain to climb?

Jazhnica lake, Prevalle, Kosovo.

6. What’s the craziest (most dangerous) thing you’ve done while traveling?

Hiking one time in summer at Çajupi fields without too much water, extremely very hot temperatures and the entire ridge hasn’t any trees at all.

7. It seems like you have seen all Albania, but there must be a place you haven’t been yet. What’s that?

I havent been yet in Diber, thats on my to do list.

8. How do you pick your next travel destination? 

It depends on the places that I havent been yet, it depends on the season or the weather. Usually I have made a list before and I choose from the list.

9. What’s your biggest concern when you travel?

Since I hike a lot in different mountains and peaks my biggest concern are dogs.

10. Have you ever traveled without an itinerary?

Most of the times I have a plan but usually on my way back after hiking I don’t follow any itinerary just free hiking.

11. What is your favourite traveling way: bicycle, car, hiking?

Mostly hiking and cycling.

12. Where do you prefer sleeping: hotel, guesthouse, camping tent?

Hotel or Guesth most of the time as I love meeting new people, sharing experiences, meetings the owners and different cultures.

13. If you could choose a celebrity (singer, actor..) to hike with for one day, who would you pick?

Maybe I would choose a foreign music  band as Coldplay, we would probably sing during the entirre trail line but if it was Albanian definitely Uta IBrahimi.

14. Do you play games while traveling? (Which ones)

No I don’t, I usually enjoy the view.

15. What’s the most interesting animal you’ve seen while traveling?

Wild goats, and a deer, the most beautiful creatures.

16. Who is your favourite travel icon? 

I love Hilvees, she is a digital creator, she engages the whole family in her travels, beautiful pictures and places, I should say that mostly my icons are athletes and people who love outdoors.

17. Will you continue travelling after getting married and have kids?

Always and forever, it requires balance and well organised plans but If you love something you will find a way.

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Safe travels! 🙂