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Gjinar, Elbasan – your next picnic destination

A village on the outskirts of Elbasan

There are so many destinations to discover near the capital.
If you are looking for another green village to spend a day of your weekend, here we are introducing Gjinari, a village on the outskirts of Elbasan.


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Surrounded by greenery, it is a perfect destination for a short road trip, for a picnic with your friends and to enjoy one day the fresh air near nature.
Gjinar village is part of the Administrative Unit of Gjinari, Elbasan Municipality. It is located 22 km south-east of Elbasan, 63 km from Tirana.
Gjinari is located in the heart of the province of Slope, which is one of the most interesting areas in the field of archeology, history and folklore. It has about 1,120 inhabitants, where 50% of the area’s population is engaged in agriculture. The rest of the economic activity is mainly focused on livestock and medicinal plants.


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• Oak of Gjinar Church
• Fushë Kuqe Pine
• The forest of the stalls of Verca
• Gjinar Oak
• Mountaineering and skiing
• Farmer practice for vegetables
• Collection of medicinal plants
• Horse riding
• Church of “Holy Friday”
• The castle of Valesh and Lleshan
• Handicrafts in the village of Dërstilë
• ‘Pigeon Rock’ Canyon